What phone should I get?

Discussion in 'General' started by je5ter, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Alright blades I need your guys help picking out a new phone. My verizon contract just ended, so I am eligible for an upgrade.
    What phone should I get? Right now I have the env2 and it's really starting to fall apart.
  2. I like my Blackberry Storm. I don't know if you have alot of shit to do, but if you do, everything the Storm does helps out a ton. I've used it in a pinch plenty of times for the GPS and shit like that.

    Plus.. it's a Blackberry, you know? And with the upgrade, I think mine was only like $169.99 which beats the $600 it usually is.
  3. if you get a touch screen make sure to get a case or something i have the voyager and it broke twice

  4. Yeah man I was really going towards one of the Blackberrys, the only problem is that I really don't wanna pay that extra fucking money for that data plan...:mad:
  5. yeah id def go with the bb storm. a friend of mine had that phone, i loved it. I did pretty much anything, and now that bb has an app store like apple. its tops!

  6. yeah i'm definitely not gonna get a voyager
  7. Get the new cholocate phone. It looks even more badass then stupid Iphone.

  8. oh shit! that looks sick!!
    I might have to get that lol
    i really hope it comes out soon
  9. wow. that does look sexy, but how is the performance?
    is the touch screen laggy on it?

  10. yeah same thing i was thinking

    but damn its as wifi, thats sick
  11. is that a 5.0 mp camera on there?
  12. hell yeah it is
    im definitely gonna get it
    im pretty sure i can wait until 3rd quarter
  13. EnV 3 or whatever the fuck the new enV is, my friend just got one and they are great.

    I had the orange enV2 damn I miss that thing, now I have the Alias 2, the one where the keys switch and shit and it's just not smooth and quick enough for me, it lags and does small shit that is annoying as hell.

  14. It's only like $30 a month, which isn't too much sondering all the shit you get for it.

  15. yeah i know its only 30 a month, but i still think its sort of alot, because i really just wanna get on the internet

  16. Ha! Only an extra 30$ a month huh? My entire cricket plan is only 40$ a month.

    I dunno, maybe I'm just not hip, but I just don't see the point in having all that extra crap on a phone, the only thing I could see being really useful besides call and text is GPS. If I need to use the internet, I'll go on a freakin computer. Is facebook (or more importantly, GC!) really THAT important that you need to check it while your on the go?
  17. i have the alias2 and it is bad ass.
  18. I love my env3, but I'm pretty hardcore txter!

  19. No, but when you run a catering business and work in two restaurants, while your girlfriend is the owner of a bakery you also work with, it helps to have a business orientated phone. :rolleyes: It's not a phone for fucking off with... thats called an iPhone. I like having my email at my finger tips, as well as GPS because I travel alot.

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