What pets do you have??? :D

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Byrgesen87, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Lol, that sounds like a nice job. Sorry to say that the most dangerous animal we have in denmark is something like the killer bee hehe.
  2. Its not my job, i wish it was, people just know I can catch them so they always call me and ask me to help relocate them instead of them killing the snakes.

    Thatd be me:smoke:
  3. the only kind worth having imo a dog, no other animals show love like a dog

    we got a black lab
  4. yo op, i hope ur prepared with that redtail. the grow aprox 15 feet.
  5. Yeh i know, thats why i got it.
    I want a snake in that lenght hehe. Its so beatiful but yet so dangerous :)
  6. at my mom's place i've got a pommeranian/pekenese dog named sandie, a budgie named mary jane, and a snake named onyare, plus my brother has a hampster, a rabbit, and a snail..at my dad's i've got two weiner dogs named sage and mouse, a parrot named giligan and a gold fish with no name :p i used to have a german shephard named sully at my dad's but he died like last year :(
    mary jane
    onyare (she's bigger now, that's an old pic:])
    only pic of me and giligan i could get on here lol
    and don't have any pics of the others(N)
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    hey i have a bearded dragon and a snake too :)

    also a dog.... here are some pics ...






  8. LOL looks almost exactly like mine hehe.

    Your boa is abit more redish overall them mine. the beaded dragon is spot on hehe.
    Thats kinda crazy :)

    Tryied to get a video session of my bearded dragon taking down a mouse :) did you know they want to eat mice? it rips off its head lol. very brutal little bastard :)

    Try giving it a mouse if you havent done it already hehe.
  9. I have 2 cats at my moms, and 3 dogs at my dads

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