What pets do you have??? :D

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  1. Hey guys.

    Im kinda of a reptile freak so i have two reptiles:

    Boa Constictor
    120 cm
    Red tail morph
    1,5 years

    Bearded Dragon
    40-45 cm (really hard to measure that bastard)
    3,5 years

    What do you guys have?
    remember pics pls :D

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  2. Right now we just have the 3 cats, but I've had dogs, reptiles, fish, and birds over the years as well.
  3. My mother breed Siberian Huskies, we have 35 of them.

    This is the only one I like


    I dig him, he was born blind and my whole family thinks he's a hassle, they wanted to put him down, so I offered to feed him and all that stuff, so he's the only one I have any sort of bond with.

    We have a few cats and four horses as well (I'm allergic to both, so I'm not a huge fan...)
  4. That huskie puppy is beast!

    Good on you taking care of him man. Something about seeing blind people/animals really hits me at the core, so I'm happy you guys didn't put him down.

    Good vibes man.
  5. I have a big fluffy orange kitty! :D I call her kitty. She's the most chillen cat ever and she loves weed as much as I do :)
  6. really nice puppy there mate, nice to see your taking such nice care of it.
    Cant stand ppl that get pets and dont care about em.
  7. I have a dog right now. Ive had a few bearded dragons over the years. A pure Snow phase, a Sandfire, and a local breeders special morph called "Hell-fire" because its litterally bright red! Ive had iguanas, geckos, rattle snakes, gopher snakes, king snakes, racer's, and a Savannah Monitor.

    Right now I just have a "family dog". Im getting a pitbull soon though :D
  8. Have a dog and a bearded dragon. Had a chameleon before, and a few salamanders too.
  9. Wow thats like a little zoo in your house mate :)

    how the hell did you get your hands on a rattle-snake? is that legal?

    it isnt in denmark hehe.
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    2 years old. Deer Head Chihuahua. (and the literal love of my life)

    My girlfriend messed up when she got me this present. He likes to nap in strange places.

    Edit: That Siberian Husky has the prettiest eyes. My friend had a blind dog once and you would never know it. Everywhere his brothers and sisters went, he followed.


  11. you need to add another option for marsupials :smoking:

  12. nice doggy mate hehe.

    But i must admit i cant stand small dogs like that, always to scared of stepping em and killing em :)
  13. I'm a cat/dog person.

    I've had cats and dogs my whole life.

    Currently, I have a Black Lab (maggie) and a black and white tomcat (peter).
  14. Lol taht an odd creature :)
    Cute but still scary hehe.
  15. no option for lagomorph :confused:
  16. Dude i LOVE dogs, fuck cats scare the shit out of me lmao, its kinda funny cos i wouldnt mind a pet tiger though :p
  17. i chose dogs...but i mean....alligators are pretty cool to watch

  18. I didnt have them all at once, just over the last 9 years or so.

    Ive had 2 rattlesnakes, one was about 3 feet long, and there other was a baby. People call me if they have a rattle snake in their house and want it removed. Im an expert reptile catcher. haha
  19. I'm just imagining some stoned guy squaring off with a rattlesnake.
  20. I have none because I don't like picking up poop and cleaning up piss.

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