What pest could this be?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by deman81k, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. IMG_3872.JPG Cant see anything with naked eye or magnifying glass. Tried looking with my handheld microscope and can't see anything moving.
  2. your plants may have a virus ,,or maybe some thing going on in the roots ,,,mac,
  3. These things outdoors? Or do you have animals inside of your house? This looks a lot like when my feline friends had a go at my ladies.

    The curling new leaves may suggest otherwise or may be a different issue altogether.
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  4. I thought it looked like gnaw marks, too. Most cats adore cannabis leaves.
  5. I now think it's not a pest but rather an issue with nutes too strong for a couple of days. Will see if they grow out of the issue
  6. Yea, looks like you've scorched them pretty good. What kind of a grow do you have going and what did you do? Those are pretty young plants and if you're in soil, you've got to account for nutrients already in the soil. If you're attempting a hydro grow, God bless you first off...LOL, but read up on how to manage it. Nutes do not grow a plant....they feed a plant. Light forces the plant to grow. But no really young plant is going to need anything strong in the way of food kind of the same way we don't start an infant out on steak and potatoes. Good luck with it. TWW

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