What party do you belong to?

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    What party do you belong to (if any)?
    I tried to include the most popular

  2. I'm one of those RINOs..... :smoking:
  3. I'm registered as an independent. I tend to vote for the person, rather than party - especially on the local level (which is where most of my votes are cast.)
  4. Technically, I'm GOP but I respect and agree with ideas of Dems as well. I'd say I'm more Independent than anything. 
  5. The S - Club party.
  6. Yeah op you forgot socialism! I know its a dirty word, but its very popular indeed...
  7. Also forgot the Fascist Party
  8. Dont forget Hillary Party as well! 
  9. The Rent Is Too Damn High Party.
  10. The one that wants to legalize marijuana.
  11. I wish I could give you rep for this post ^
    That guy is great! He is a martial arts expert as well!
  13. added
  14. I'm not political, but I sort of agree with George carlin way of thought, whichever party that would be.
  15. None. Was more conservative/libertarian when I was younger, from the 80s to 90s or so, started to have real doubts when they impeached over a blowjob and totally abandoned them when they went to torture, swiftboating and other reality challenged ideas. Considered with the progressives for a bit but that didn't last too long. When they were down it was all about open minds and fact checking, seeing both sides of an issue, but somewhere between the primary between Clinton and Obama and him taking office they shifted hard into the "shut up and fall in line" attitude, any criticism or doubt meant you were working for the 'enemy and crap. Over the past few years they've resorted to the same methods of defending Obama that the right wingers used to defend Bush, insult, attack, tell you who you are and what you stand for while ignoring anything like a real problem or criticism. I'm sick of all of them, in the end there's little difference outside of a handful of social issues anyway.
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    Voluntaryist non-party.
    AKA the opt-out party.
    He was against voting... So that would be no party
  17. I'm conservative leaning but have voted mostly Democratic for several years. Tea party is a huge turn off for me. I'm smart enough to understand all politicians are liars. Independent and votes for the least evil available candidate. 99% of the time it's a toss up.

    Federally Legalizing pot only has a prayer if the Dems control things simple as that. Eventually it will win but until then I live in a MMJ state and next to Colorado otherwise.
  18. tea party is a dope name tho
  19. Liberal/Socialist

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