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What part of a sesh smells the most?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mathi11, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. So just wondering when I have a sesh inside somewhere what part of it stinks up the place.

    Btw: I use a spoof so the smoke should t do much. I was thinking the bowl if u don't cover it and the packing.
  2. In between every toke you will have some smoke roll off the bowl, unless you can cover it and out it out imediately.

    If you can avoid this and blow ALL of your smoke out a window, then it shouodnt smell to bad at all
  3. I don't know. I would always go into my garage, take one hit from a parachute...come in zero contact with the smoke, and my sister would always tell me I wreak. Sometimes it's a mystery how the scent clings.
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    Air fresher in the bathroom, turn on the fan and shower on hot and blow smoke in the fan. Leave the shower on for at least 10 minutes.15 for the fan, and spray air freshener. Worked every time, and my mom has a good sense of smell. Oh and use mouthwash.
  5. just take a one hit, pack as much as you can handle. finish your hit when there is nothing burning in the bowl; blow smoke out window.

    little smell
  6. All I do is pack one hitters and blow out my window with a fan oscillating 3-4 metres behind me. The smoke rising from the bowl when you're lighting is so miniscule it's not going to leave even the most feint odour after more than 5-10 minutes. Also spray air freshener and yourself with a tiny ammount of cologne which will also overpower the smell of bud, that is if there is any, which, as long as you exhale outside, should not be the case.
  7. If you crack a window about 6 inches or so and smoke near the top of the window all of the smoke will naturally suck out of the room.. your window has to open horizontally for this to work cause all of the cool air outside will push in through the bottom of the window and the warm air inside will push out top of the window.. i used to do this at my parents house and they had no idea
  8. When u say horizontally u mean like how a door opens right?
  9. roll a blunt and smoke it in a room. Hotbox it and then put on the playstation and play online. After a couple of minutes roll J and smoke right there. Dont move. Continue playing.
  10. every time the bowl is burning and u are not inhaling, also i think the end of the bowl gives more smell and more of a cigarette smoke smell
  11. pouring da bong water out
  12. Well usually for me it's the smoking part...
  13. the part where you smoke weed? lmfao is this thread serious?...

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