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What part do you smoke

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Freddy, May 25, 2004.

  1. Hi there! I´m as new to this as can be. What part of the plant is it you smoke? Do you just chop up the plant, put it in your pipe and smoke it??? And by the way, i made this killer bong out of stainless steel, reall "Bling-Bling". Haven´t really tried itj yet though, acctually i haven´t smoked herb at all! :(
  2. you smoke the buds my friend, some growers like to keep the leaves, and use a process of extraction to make hash with them...........the buds grow when (indoors) the plant is fooled into thinking that winter is coming, by reducing the amount of light it receives...........without the pressence of a male, the seed pods will swell with resin, and the weed will be ready when the trichomes (crystals) turn from crystal clear to milky white, and then amber........... then depending on the grower, i prefer to cut down the whole plant and hang it upside down in a dark place at room temp, and change the air approx 4 times a day..........after approx 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of the plant, i cut the buds off, and manicure them..........and voila..........weed..........lol.........hope that helped ya a bit, any more questions just ask ;) .........Peace out.............Sid

  3. You've never even smoked bud before and now you want to start growing it?

    What made that happen?
  4. I have two words for you: Cypress Hill. Have listened to them for years. The last year or so i started getting more and more interrested in cannabis. started to browse the internett and found a lot interresting sites. Have learbed a lot the last couple of months. Besides, i have always thought the plants look´d awsome!

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