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  1. So I'm only 17 and the guy who buys my papers bailed on me. I got a craving for a joint and i know how to make an apple pipe and stuff like that but...what else can I roll with? Wax papers? Blank bank envelopes? Somebody help me something around tho house you know 🏼️
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    Might have to suck it up for the rest of the year until you're 18, friend. I wouldn't smoke from paper around the house, it will just be harsh on the throat. I have made joints out of straw rappers before, though. If they're just plain wrappers with no ink or wax or anything on them they should burn just fine. They're a bit flimsy, but if you're careful it should work. Or maybe if you could lift a cigarette off of someone I've emptied cigarettes and put weed in them before.
  3. well when I was 15 when I first got weed I smoked with bank envelopes and those weren't harsh at all. Burned ok. But I currently don't have any right now. I was wondering if I could get anything else
  4. Bank envelopes? Whatever happened to people using bible paper? Just get someone to buy you a glass piece.
  5. You're going to have to find a new connection or do those things. I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could find a straw with a rapper or a cigarette. Otherwise, its back to the apple pipe. You could always use computer paper but I know that might be harsh. Plus the upside of using these wrapping papers is the fact that they are not chemically treated. Most paper not intended for consumption is, well... Not intended for consumption. If you don't care I guess you could use bible paper like I've heard ten thousand people suggest throughout the history of forever.
  6. Grow a pair and walk into the store and try and buy a pack of papers yourself. I don't say grow a pair to be condescending, either; confidence is key for things like this. I remember buying a Grape Phillies blunt years ago when I was 16 with zero problems. Choose the store wisely. A younger clerk that looks like a stoner is going to be more accommodating than the cranky middle aged bitch corporate convenience stores seem to attract.

  7. lol and haha the headshop near me cards you no matter what. The clerk is like 80 (mid 40s) but yeah I tried that literally 2 days ago and he asked for an ID fml but he just let me off with a warning
  8. Head shops take that pretty seriously. They tread the edge of a knife selling things that everybody and their grandmother knows is used more for illicit activities rather than actual tobacco. That's why they stick stickers that say "For Tobacco Use Only" on all of their products, card everyone who walks in the door unless they appear to be over the age of 40, and make you use shop terms like 'water pipe' instead of bong, or 'pollen' instead of kief.

    Souless meant to try a jiffy store/gas station type place. I can agree, as an adult with a baby face, if I forget to shave they don't usually ask for my card.

    Hey, you could always pull a Johnny Knoxville and dress up like an old dude. XD

  9. convenience stores card for papers nowadays? I learned something new...
  10. They are technically a tobacco product.
  11. Like I said the guy who buys me my stuff bailed on me. I ended up just using my bowl but I did really wanna joint. And I don't really feel comfortable burning bible paper. I guess I'm a pussy lol
  12. You had a bowl the whole time????

    Also don't feel like a pussy. I wouldn't do it either. If I ripped up my bible for smoking I would then be unable to read it. Lol

  13. Yes I had a bowl haha! But I just had a craving for a joint I get those sometimes. Personally I am a bong person but I do get like urges to roll a fatty
  14. Believe me, we all do. I guess you just made it out to seem like you had no other way of smoking besides ghetto ways. If you have no papers but do have a bowl it just seems like a given.
  15. And you're a year (or less) shy of being old enough to be a member of Grasscity. Come on back when you reach 18.
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