What papers should i buy from grasscity store?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by notokenochoke, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I cant seem to find any of the ones i used to use (ZigZag's). Whats the best for a beginner roller? I don't really like raw because i friend showed me some and they were just to thin for me to roll with. I want like the zigzags white paper.
  2. I feel like it would be a huge waste of effort to buy papers through GC considering you can almost find them anywhere. Best papers in my opinion are Bob Marley and Elements. Both king size of course.
  3. Ehh might as well add it into my order with other stuff im buying.
  4. I like OCB Kingsize personally. Juicy Jays aren't that bad if you like flavor and whatnot, but I tend to keep it old-fashioned.
  5. no such thing as to thin boy
  6. King sized raws...

    As for too thin; learn to roll -.-
  7. When i ordered my metal pipe from the GC shop they threw in a free pack of weedstar extra long rolling papers...good stuff i must say.
  8. i learned easiest with Randy's... mainly because the wire helps with turning over the lip and rolling a straight joint... once i had rolling down i never used randy's again
  9. Trust me. Get yourself a pack of Raws even if you think you can't roll with them and start practicing until you can. It will be well worth it once you get the hang of them.
  10. elements. best tasting papers in existence.

  11. king size raws..
    learn on the best, roll the best
  12. Gauttago Raw daw. If you're under 16 though you will probably be the coolest kid with your JUICY JAY BLUEBERRY PAPERS.
  13. King size Elements and Marleys are my favorites. I actually like Jobs cellulose if you like that. And like everyone else said, RAW. Learn to roll well, you'll really like those papes.

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