What papers do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by DJchronic2, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I like rice papers.
  2. i prefer zig zags slow burn
  3. all i've ever used were top papers.
  4. Dude, theres about 300 of these threads...but i smoke bob marley pure hemps or some juicy jays occasionally.
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    I know man! i have a bad habit of this..but .. you know people are going to eventually run over the same topics.theres only so many weed related things people can discuss.:)oh and i've always smoked Juicy Jays papers.there so good
  6. well i always used job 1.5s, like 2 bucks for 24 leaves, but i just found these Golden Wraps, they are one dollar for 20 blunt wraps, wet mango flavored too, they fuckin rock!
  7. slow burning zig zags the orange ones! they can be a pain to burn some times if your herb is still moist but for the most part good long lasting doobies from these!
  8. when i smoke joints its mostly holly joints lol. I cut a part of my bible and roll it up into a J. A holly joint brothers!:smoke: but juicy jays are good to and same with the Marleys but anything with weed in it works for me!
  9. Bambu's ftw
  10. juicy jays are the bomb...but they never seem to be sold anywhere around here and i knw i can get em online but im just lazy...so usually zigzags
  11. EZ Wide 1 1/4
  12. Glass Clear papers. Smoother than others in my opinion.

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