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What other paper can I roll a joint with, other than zig-zags/ rolling papers?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by Freshflow, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. I had one Player's rolling paper left and I rolled myself a nice joint. Now I want another one but I don't have any more papers. What other kind of paper can I use to roll myself a nice joint?
  2. In a pinch ...Tin Foil works well, so it goes as a pipe or a chillum

  3. I want a joint.. i do not want to make a pipe or a bong or anything. im lookin for what kind of paper works well with rolling joints or has the same texture or feel as a zig-zag or rolling paper.
  4. Wouldn't recommend anything other then actual paper. I heard bible papers work though.
  5. construction paper lol, use some scotch tape to hold it rolled.

    this thread reminds me of a scene from the movie "how high" where the guy rolled in a newspaper and used tape to keep it together lol.
  6. Phone book paper or bible paper... Any paper that is very thin. The rolling papers you buy aren't as bad for your lungs though so pick some up they're cheap!
  7. Tracing paper
  8. I have seen someone do it with notebook papers
  9. I sometimes use chewing gum papers. You need the ones with the foil on the back. Peel off the foil and your left with basically a piece off rice paper that rolls and smokes perfectly. I prefer them to zig-zags. They burn more like a blunt. Also my grandpa (rip) taught me how to use gift wrapping tissue to roll and egg white to use as a glue! :smoke:
  10. Tingle has got the right idea. Newspaper, and receipts are what I usually substitute when I'm out and about cause you can pretty much always get one or the other in the city. You can make it stick with enough saliva too.
  11. Just go to the store and buy a pack of papers, anything else is most likely a lot more unhealthy
  12. receipts work well, try not to use any ink tho
  13. (Get ready to say "EWWWW!", boys.)

    The paper cover from a Kotex tampon was sometimes used by female stoners back in the 70s as a substitute for rolling papers. It is very thin and worked as well as most glueless papers (don't know if they have been replaced with a plastic cover by now, or not).

  14. bible paper really?
  15. Those straws that have wrappers? Yeah use the wrapper
  16. Please dont use anything other than rolling papers. But as a side note my parents went to jamaica in the 70s and the rastas would use italian bread papers to roll forearm sized joints.
  17. take regular paper, like printer paper, and crumble it up into a ball, then un-ball it and lay it flat then ball it up again.... repeat repeat repeat until its soft as a tissue
    or so i've heard
  18. idk guys If I couldnt get my hands on papers or a even like a metal pipe at home depot or somthing.. I wouldnt smoke. Using any other kind of paper is just nasty. Buy some papers on amazon..No will know there is papers inside.
  19. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYes1sebE7M]How to Roll a Perfect Joint - Wiz Khalifa - YouTube[/ame]

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