What other forums do you frequent?

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  1. What is the best forum for console gamers?

    Anime forums besides a?

  2. I have been an administrator and tech administrator on several large forums and it was a fucking pain in the ass. I'm good with Linux servers.
    I'm calling this forum my home and just want to have fun.
  3. GTA forums Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  4. used to like a place called Dawgs until that asshole Dawg locked it up
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    GC is hands down the best forum for me. But I use BodyBuilding forum for info on my routines and things and used to use Dreamviews for advice on my lucid dreams. That's a pretty good sight ... hardly any douches! 
    Edit: There are lots of trolls and internet warriors on bb forum. I see new people trying to get into the whole scene and ask for the basics and tell what they are doing. They will immediately be called "phaggot" and be flamed in the majority of posts. Then you'll find 1 in maybe 20 posts that is useful. Hence why I rarely post there, I only read posts from a few years ago when there was less unhelpful idiots just following the "REP" band wagon 
  6. boards.ie
    to be fair, I don't know many irish people/people who live here who don't use boards. I only really use it as a resource.. ie. "where to buy american food in dublin city?" ect
  7. These are the only forums I've been active on... ever. I don't feel like I really connect with other topics other than Mary Jane and her peoples.
    I like video games, but the people on gaming forums seem way too hardcore... Here, everything has a sort of balance. You can be a noobie smoker or a heavy smoker, but people don't seem to argue over stupid shit like which form of smoking is better (like those nerds who argue over which console is better).

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