What only 5 pounds?

Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, May 15, 2006.

  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=2444916

  2. as much as i love marijuana

    If i had the god given ability to be able to play football for texas i wouldn't carry 5 fucking pounds of mj on me
  3. go figure. he calls the cops because he gets his fucking window kicked in. and they arrest him. same shit happened to my brother last year. he got his shit kicked in and the cops gave him a ticket for parking somewhere he souldn't have been. i fucking hate cops.
  4. Stupid guy.
  5. Man that's nothing....a lady I work with that lives in a small south Alabama city told me her nephew was busted transporting 8kilos.
  6. i dont think the weight was the key point of the story
  7. ^ haha yeah, if you wanna talk weight, we'll talk weight
  8. I mean he wasn't even carrying much

  9. I agree with you 100%
  10. lol i read that story online, pretty funny, if your gunna get into a fight that big, and then report to the cops ur broken window, how about some common sense and STASHING UR GREEN AND GUN ACCESSORCIES, before going to the cops...... it kinda serves him right.... but yah, cmon... he probaly was just like, hah, i play football for texas, cops in texas love football, they won't bust me, well it turns out they did! lol, ah well.... yah that sucks tho... no more football for him.
  11. i dont understand the jock mentality.or should i say i cant relate with it?
  12. Guy was rather dumb to tell the police to search his car when he had 5 pounds in it.
  13. if I had that much pot on me the cops wouldnt catch me lol
  14. wouldnt most normal people be like hmmmm, i just called the cops to come here, maybe they are gonna want to look at the car(its considered a crime scene and they have to investigate) maybe i should take this 5 lbs of chronic and put it somewhere or do something with it. some people.
  15. my baseball coach got busted in the 80's for transporting 100 pounds of marijuana from missouri to norwalk, ct. his sentence was to coach baseball to kids for free (community service). i swear to god this is a true story.

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