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What on your market?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ChronicClif, May 12, 2011.

  1. This is something I want to discuss out of curiousity, As I have realized among me and my friends that our area seems to get weed in spurts and we will all have similair strains from different dealers at the same time. So it made me wonder Gc, Whats currents the popular or most sold bud in your city right now?

    Mine: (So-cal area)
    -Hindu Kush
    -Bubba Kush
    -Sour D
  2. Passaic county in nj
    Blue cheese
    Purple haze
    Sour d

    Thats all ive seen recently
  3. Central IL

    -grape ape
    -jack herer
  4. This month

    Mango kush
    Pasion fruit kush
  5. Central new York
    Bubba kush
    Sour diesel
    Super lemon haze
    Random mids
  6. #6 GookedUp, May 12, 2011
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    O shit really man were in cny are you? I'm from Utica right now I got some purple haze, dro ,g13 and some jack herer is coming soon.
  7. Long island ny
    Recently been seeing
    Blue Dream(alot)
    White Widow
    Sour Diesel(always)
    random mids.
  8. #8 murkintoker95, May 12, 2011
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    Outside of Ithaca man. It's pretty dry lately tho. But supposedly there is OG kush and white widow floating around near Syracuse.
  9. #9 slacknsurf420, May 12, 2011
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    We mostly get hybrid skunk, sometimes pure haze or kush, rarely purp.

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  10. There always seem to be alot of kush out there, no matter where you are. Along with Sour Diesel it seems to make a big component of the markets.

    Supposely my dealer is suppose to get 5 os of Mauii wowi straight from Hawaii, anyone else getting anything special soon?
  11. MN
    -lemon haze
    few brownies left *
    * what i got now
  12. Where did you buy all that?
  13. the shit with the stars i got.. brownies i made there is no place to just walk in and buy bud here, where not as advanced yet.. other stuff is what i can grab from people
  14. usually some blue dream or chemdawg.
  15. indeed there is. i tried WW for the first time last month and was quite satisfied. the og kush was impressive also.
  16. ct 860


    these are all the strains I have gotten in the past few months.
  17. #17 murkintoker95, May 19, 2011
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    Yeh I like me some og kush. Wish it would come down here tho.
  18. OG Kush
    Strawberry Kush
    Purple Trainwreck
    Blue Cheese
    Blackberry Kush

    Central Texas
  19. Update:

    So-cal (Spefically my dealer and dispensary) just got alot of different shit:
    -Og Kush
    -Blue Berry Haze
    -Hawaiian Wreck
    -Alaskan ThunderFuck
    -ALOT of Sour diesel
  20. Shenandoah Valley
    All sorts of kush, bubba, master, og, etc etc
    Northern Lights
    Fruity Pebbles

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