What nutrients to get?

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  1. Doing an LST/topped single plant under 125W CFL in soil...

    Need a cheap nutrient suggestion for single plant. Is there anything I can get locally that will work?

    I can get a pack of 4oz bottles of FF Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom on eBay for $22 shipped, is that my best bet for the price? Thanks.
  2. Technaflora recipient for success 49$ but has a lot more nutrients, and instructions. I'm using it now for my first grow, really easy, giving me great results
  3. I really like XNutrients. It's cheaper and works well.
    Don't confuse the cheapness of this product. Great results!
  4. If you dig through their site a bit, Botanicare will send you samples of any 4 of their products in 8 oz containers all FREE mang! Pick up veg/bloom/sweet/karma or w/e floats ur boat. I use their stuff.
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    Advanced Nutrients is the best i think...might be a tad more for some stuff but its ph perfect and has amazing yields...i use it and im Super Happy everytime. if your looking to save money i would get the Grow-Micro-Bloom from advanced nutrients.
  6. ^^^^^^ He asked specifically for cheap nutes, why recommend AN which is the most expensive nute line of there???!
  7. If you want cheap and easy, look into the Lucas formula. You can do an entire grow with a $23 pouch of GH Maxibloom and a little cal/mg.

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