what nutrients should i buy for hydroponic

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  1. what nutrients should i buy for hydroponic system,this is my first time and idk what to buy
  2. gen hydro 3 part is popular so is the nova series (2 part)

    advanced nute is popular but has a very extensive line of products :eek:

    fox farms is popular and works really well

    house & garden is outta holland so is dutch master


    basically keep it simple and follow the mfg. instructions most can be found on the website

    p.s. u want to go liquid ferts for hydro
  3. Hey man good luck with your first grow! I'm doing my first hydroponic grow right now too!

    I did a lot of nutrient research and I ended up using:

    Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom A+B
    Advanced Nutrients Big Bud
    D.N.F. Potassium Silicate
    GH Bud Fuel

    and I'm gonna get some Overdrive and final phase

    You should be just perfect using a 2 part PH perfect nutrient for grow and bloom like
    Sensi Grow +Sensi Bloom A+B PH Perfect. I just add to tap water and they are growing awesome

    Hope this helps
  4. I'd suggest using Advanced Nutrients. They have packs of nutrients that are easy for newbs to use.

    Here's what it includes:

    pH Perfect Sensi Grow and Bloom A&B
    Voodoo Juice
    Big Bud

    Very simple, and something for every grow stage...

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