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  1. Hi ive been growing 2 cheese and 1 candy cream plant and i have this weird pattern on the leaves
    i was wondering what deficency it is, its been growing for 4 and a half weeks now and it started about 4 days ago. if anyone knows help me out , what is it?

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  2. calcium deficiency ?
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  3. From my soap box:

    Deficiency charts do much harm, because people chase non-existing ones.
    Strangely enough, over-feeding can cause pseudo-deficiencies that are really lock-outs.
    Any good fertilizer, CORRECTLY USED, should produce no deficiencies, except maybe for a CalMag one.
    Keep these things in check, and the plants will be happy: water, pH, ppm of fertilizer, possible CalMag need.
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  4. the nutrient line i use is from the green sunshine company called earth dust its the powder you mix in the soil and just water to ph of 6.5, i only use what it says on the bag 2 tbs per gallon of soil every 30 days and its been fine

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