what nutes to use for hydro grow

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  1. hi im new to hydre and i want to try one im going to do a bb and i have all the pumps air line and air stones but i need to get nutes that are easy to use and cheap i have 100 bucks to spend but in that in need to get a ppm meter and the nutes for a 100 bucks so if someone can tell me a cheap nute to buy thats easy to use and how to use it that would be great.

    also when you add water do u add nutes to that water and then change all the res. water every 10 to 14 day or am i wrong detailed info on this will be greatly needed for me and others alike

    i have ph strips and ph up and down and a reliable source of ro water im i on the right track for all this im going to grow lowryder under a 150 hps already have the brow box built just waiting for my paycheck to get a thermostat for my a/c to keep ambeint temps of 60 degrees so my box will stay at 75 degrees and still waiting on my co2 controler and regulator so i can keep ideal temp. humidity and ppm of co2 i hope im on the right track all of this equipment has cost a pretty penny if you know what i mean but its nessasairy for high quailty homegrown. with all the money already spent all i have is 100 bucks i hope a can get my nutes and meter well thanks alot idahobuds
  2. man i've got some great hydro nutes.. but they can also be used for soil! thats what makes it great.. you just buy the solution and add the ammount in the direction of each nutrient to 10 litres of water for hydro and 15 Litres if your using soilless.. but since your hydro it will work great as well..

    i dunno if it'll be located in your city cus im from a different country then u but the nutrient program i use is called "Aroma Formula" and its great.. it'll last you a while too! its simple to use.. gets you from start to finish and a guide how to use it, search around your local Hydroponics shops for it, its amazing! also check in my gallery i have a picture of the nutrients! hope i helped you out.. (oh one thing though it was a little more expensive.. but i believe the better the nutrients the better the plant.. it cost me 126 dollars CDN for the whole program.. but this will last me a good 5 grows.)
  3. bro I would simply recommend pureblendpro by botanicare.. it's what I use and have used for about 3 years. Maybe I'm just stuck but it seems to work great.. :) With that RO'd water you may need to get some CAL-Mag too.. But not to worry .. a quart of veg and cal mag and a gallon of veg with run you about 70 bucks.. the ppm meter I would pass on.. but that's just me.. I've never used one.. just the pool guys ph meter and following the instructions on the bottle for most every strain I've grown.. if you need less, or more, your plant will certainly notify you promptly.. :) that is why I would just not spend the money on a ppm meter.. or rather why I haven't.. :)

    But ya.. CAL-MAG is made by botanicare too.. and pureblendpro veg and bloom can be gotten at any hydro store.. they are all in one..
  4. i have seen one called dyna-gro and it looks really easy to use and thakns to everyone that replyed is just so different to switch from soil to hydro soil is easy but i bet once i get hydro it will be even easyier this is what im thinking of buying its cheap and with it i will learn the only thing extra i have to buy with this compleat setup is the bloom nutes tell me what you guys thing of this kit for a noobie just to learn hydro http://www.landmsales.com/4 Gallon Bubbler.htm
    sorry i cant get it to link but just look at it and tell me what you think remember im a noob at hydro and just want to get so experiance
  5. Tip if you buy that you need to buy more rocks and get the dyna grow bloom also.

    Thanks Dale:hello:
  6. i would like to say thanks to Dalejr33 for showing me this system and i will get more rocks and the bloom thanks again idahobuds ps how is yours doing

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