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  1. So I am in my first week of flower stage and I'm not sure totally sure what to use for nutes from here. When I flipped them about 5 days ago I gave them 2 tbsp of foxfarm big bloom per gallon of water. I have 3 plants, each in 3 gallon plants. I water each with 1 gallon of water and it seems to be the right amount of water each time. Today I just watered them with ph water, no nutes. They are in foxfarm ocean soil also. I have FF grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom. What should I use from now till harvest? Can I combine the nutes together? Should I?

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  2. Potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium. Also a touch of Epsom salt. I’m third generation farmer, I don’t know nothing about those wacky brand name fertilizers. I Don’t use em’.
  3. Google up fox farm feeding chart. Son you give Big Bloom throughout the grow. Grow big as your nitro use that during veg and the first few weeks of stretch when you flip them. Then you cut the nitro grow big and go with tiger bloom Big Bloom and if you have Beastie bloomz and cha ching start using those like the chart says

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  4. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to follow it
  5. I would add in Canna Boost and Rock Resinator
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  7. I’ve never seen the EC and PPM at top of that chart when I was using FF. Does anyone know what EC is and how do u check it?
  8. I stick with Fox Farms because I've had continuous good results
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  9. I'm with this guy, fox farms is a solid product that will give you just as good of results as any other nutrients would.

    Veg period through 2rd week of flower use grow big and big bloom,

    Foxfarms ocean soil will feed for 6 weeks no problem. So I often times dont use the grow big till the end of veg.

    From the 2nd week of flower till the end use big bloom and tiger bloom.

    Start at half the recommended dosage and increase by 1tsp. per feeding till you are at the max amount which for tiger bloom is 4tsp per gallon.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. I’ve never had ff soils feed well more then 2-3 weeks. I start out at 1/4 strength. I’ve never had ff NOT burn the tips of plants. It is a hot soil and nute and there is way better stuff out there,not to mention ton of salt build up. Ff is a good starting product but u will get better results with better nutes. I’m just starting on NFTG and I can already see how much better it is then FF. Still use Ff soil tho
  11. I've ran mine for the first 6 weeks without needing to add any grow big. Plants grew like a charm. Didnt have any sign of burning or nutrient deficiency.
    So idk what to tell you on that note, It's being working fine for me.

    And as far as the soil being hot for seedlings, I will give you that, but even though I've read that several times and been told that a few times as well but, I still havent had any myself. So again idk what to tell you on that note.

    But what I've been instructed to do and has worked for friends of mine as well, is to recycle soil from past grows and add amendments as needed and use that for your seedlings. When you do your repotting that's when you'll add fresh FF soil.

    But again this is all just my own personal experience. Every strains has it's own micro varients in needs and wants. And as a disclaimer I am by no means an expert.

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  12. I’ve heard ff soil can vary batch to batch on how strong it is. everyone has different outcomes with using the nutes. I’ve seen great grows with it. But what from Ive seen the last 3 years is it’s mainly a noob nute... most ppl go elsewhere once eventually. I use FFHF in veg then mix FFHP/FFOF/perlite for flowering. I only use big bloom early in veg. I don’t think I started with grow big till several weeks in. But I always got burnt tips lol. I’m growing one auto right now. It got burnt tips the first time I feed 1/4 strength with ff. The other 3 on NFTG didn’t. As far as each strain needing a lil different.... all mine get exactly the same stuff At the same times lol

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