What nutes do you use?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Salfal, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. I was wondering what nutes you tend to use as I'm looking for nutes To buy. I mainly prefer organic nutes but if you use synthetic feel free to tell me :D thank you.

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  2. You may want to specify growing medium. Different nutes tend to be used if you're growing hydro, soil, etc. I just do Lucas formula with DWC.
  3. I use fox farm nutes for soil

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  4. Use Biobizz

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  5. I grow in soil and find the Earth Juice
    organic line works very well. I also use
    General Organics Ca/Mg+. I also add
    about a cup of Neem Cake to the soil
    in my 5 gallon bucket planter. Adds
    Nitrogen and keeps the Spider Mites
  6. I'm growing in fox farms soil in a 7 gallon container

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  7. I use synthetic it's cheap lol... dyna gro... got a lot of stuff for 30 bucks by emailing and asking if they did samples but for 28 bucks I got 32oz bloom 32oz magpro 32oz protekt 32oz foliage pro and 8oz K-L-N. they had screwed around and shipped me an 8oz bloom and 8oz magpro instead of the 32oz's so they had reshipped em and I ended up the two extra small bottles. But anyhow it works fine for me... been feeding at quarter str and just now upping to full strength this grow to see what happens.. haven't had any salt buildup problems or anything like that... 80% of the time I water right before runoff and a few times throughout the grow I'll give it a heavy runoff

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  8. I use grotek monster grow pro because its very strong and goes a long way. I like the npk as well, 18-36-1 for strong roots. I also use fish fertilizer 5-1-1 from Walmart and molasses is the key, I use something like 1tbsp per gal once a week..
    I'm no where near experienced but js this is what works for me.

    *in soil*

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