What nutes do you use for flower?

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  1. hey guys just wondering what some of you guys use for nutes durring flowering

    im looking for the best mix

    im currently using

    big bloom
    tiger bloom

    i have crystal burst,bud candy and gravity bud hardener
    but havent started using those yet

    so what do you guys use?
  2. i'm using a "go box", which contains smaller bottles of EVERYTHING you need from seed to harvest. It even includes a feeding schedule right on the box. it's priced moderately @ around $35. usually they sell this at most indoor gardening stores.

    TOTALLY worth it.
  3. this combo, plus the Cha Ching from foxfarms second trio = some amazing results ... that's what I use.
  4. Used those products for years. Now I am into Soul Synthetics in conjunction with Sunshine mix #4 (soil less mix) Changed my life.
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    Advanced nutrients line of jungle juice three part, then adding budcandy, rhino skin, and bud ignitor for flowering nutes with my three part mix. BTW im growing in coco coir, depending what medium your using will also depend on what people will be using. Everything is Ph perfect for me and co co safe, i really water it every other day and watch in aw.
  6. Botanicare cns 17 with bloombastic. the cns is cheap easy to use and has outperformed many of the more expensive nutes for me. tried some advanced sensi bloom with big bud and bud candy and the cns blew it away at harvest time! advanced may work for alot of people but was shit in my garden! For 17 bucks a gallon at my local hydro store you cant beat it,Botanicare all the way!
  7. Advanced nutes are over played. Don't believe the hype.
  8. Roots Organic Buddha Bloom, Trinity, SuperThrive and Budswell as liquids. Fox Farm solubles; Open Sesame, Cha Ching and Beastie Bloomz. I also top dress with high P mexican guano. Works wonders so far!!!
  9. Technaflora Recipe for Success Starter Pack, + an old Purple maxx/Snow storm ultra sample. so im using bloom,sugar daddy,awesome blossoms magical n purplemaxx snowstorm

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