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    So I planted my first baby in late April, but it recently passed away. In the middle of May, I planted three other seeds around it in memory of it. Only one has sprouted so far (weird.. I guess the other two can't push through the hard soil?) and it looks mighty healthy to me, even though its just a baby. It has four leaves now, two are smaller though. Its withstanded a lot of storms so far and even one night were it was 45 degrees :O I'm quite proud. I really want this one to make out so I decided to step it up a notch. These are all planted in my native soil (western pennsylvania) and watered when they need to be. Only once have I actually "fed" them. All I have is water soluble Miracle Gro packets that. I used about 1/4th of a packet in Gatorade bottle filled with water because I was afraid that the full packet was far too much for the sprouts. All I have right now is Miracle Gro plant food packets and Miracle Gro planting soil for vegetables/flowers. I know Miracle Gro is bad because of nute burn, but will they be alright if I make sure not to throw in too much. So what should I do? How much of the planting soil should I put down, and how should I transplant it over? Also, when/how much of the packets should I use?

    Thanks for any and all help, you guys have been amazing at helping my plants so far.

    Here are some pictures, first one was taken in May, and the other two are from today.

  2. soil looks alittle rocky, dig a deep hole next to it and fill it with a bag or two of compost and it will sky rocket
  3. lmfao dude I want to know if you where high writing this or its just cuz I'm fucking blasted right now and it sounds like you were so fucking high lmao sorry about this post.

    But you definatly have to put good poting soil I use miracle grow moisture control and mine are coming beutiful so don't worry about nute burn. or just get better soil and transplant they will definatly grow up to be (hopefully female)
  4. I used to use the miracle grow complete for containers (blue crystals) as it has trace elements in it. About one level teaspoon (scrape off the excess with a knife) per gallon once a week, more regular dosages will hurt your plant Imo. I would reckon a pea sized amount in 2 litres would be better at this early stage if at all, a plant as small has very small nute requirements at this stage.

    Miracle grow will give a harsh flavour and I would recommend swiching to a specific MJ nutrient package particularly for flowering. I never used it for the flowering stage and some buds still tasted a little woody after using MG for veg indicating a possible fert build up in the grow media I guess. Good luck.

    Keep it green.
  5. So what I'm getting so far is this:

    Transplant to Miracle Gro soil.
    Feed sprout very small amounts of Miracle Gro food for now.

    When should I transplant/how should I go about doing that? Judging from the pictures, would now be a good time to transplant or should I let it grow a little longer?

    It seemed like it rocketed the first few weeks and has now come to a halt. I haven't noticed much size change over this week or last week much.
  6. no don't add fertilizer yet its too small just transplant them now they will pick up in a day that's when I transplanted mine and they are looking healthy and good
  7. is that fertilizer on the ground? Anyways u shouldnt be giving it any fertilizer at all.
  8. Its just in the ground right now. Native soil. What I want to know is should I put down that Miracle Gro soil and move the plant over to it now? Or should I wait?
  9. i would say do it now since the soil its in now looks like shit and is probably too thick for the roots to grow
  10. The soil's really rocky. I'm surprised it even managed to push through it in the first place.

    I also have some mulch. Could I add this?
  11. Bro,

    As others have said you need to get that baby out of the crappy soil asap. I would bet that the native soil has a very high clay content from the pics, and this is not a good medium for growing anything.

    Here is one suggestion from a self professed non expert. If you want to keep it where it is then you can either dig right next to it, or take it out and dig right there. Either way, before you take the plant out, make sure to moisten the soil well, and if it is clay then it is very slow to take in water, also wet the area where you want to dig if it is in another spot, even next to it, this will make the digging much easier. When you remove the plant, take a MUCH larger chunk of soil with it, this will reduce oot damage and allow you to carefully remove the junk soil, as much as possible withour damaging the roots, just prior to transplanting.

    Once you have your spot, dig a big hole, at least 18"x18"x18". Then you can either completely replace the soil, or ammend the natural soil but using no more than 50% of the natural soil. Personally, I do not like the moisture control miracle grow, but have used miracle grow potting soil for my potted girls. If you are ammending the natural soil, get a good composted soil ammendment, along with some potting soil, and mix equal parts with some of the natural soil and you will see that you end up with a soil mix that just looks and feels like it wants to support life, rather than the "Mars" soil it is in.

    Once you have the soil prepped and back in the hole, gently remove as much of the soil from the root ball, again trying not to damage any roots, and plant it in the newly prepared soil.

    Once you do this, the plant will take off so be prepared, roots need to be able to expand so the visable portion of the plant can grow.

    This is just one opinion, and again I am no expert at all.

    Once you have your spot
  12. dude let it grow.. and if u have more seeds , start all over.. you still have 3 months left..

    Get some miracle organic soil or any potting soil. Mix about 25% perlite.. in that. And take some regular cups if u got.. and poke some holes for drainage.. Take the seeds germinate them in a wet paper towel.. when the seed cracks then .

    Wet your soil mix until the water comes out the bottom. Then poke a hole about 1/4 of a inch down. Drop the seed and cover with dirt and water just a alittle..

    then place these babies in a sunny area or by ur window sill.. for 3 weeks.. Then finally dig holes or buy some pots.. and post back with us.. HAha..


  13. Thanks for the big help, everyone. You guys are fantastic.

    Unfortunately, I forgot to moisten the soil when I tried to transplant (I did it the other day) and the roots, well, they had some major damage. The root balls not there. Its just a couple roots hanging down now. I put it and a few new seeds in the new soil anyways. Everyone I talked to recently told me they'd re-root, but none of them are experts so I'm worried.
  14. miracle grow soil has time released beads that will probably burn your babies....

    just go with some jiffy mix and then add nutrients later.

    im surprised any came up at all in that soil.....that would have to be pretty strong to push through that rocky shit.
  15. Now that you have the grow bug, start over and use the recommendations these blades have posted. Like he said you still have 3 months. :smoke:

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