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What Not To Do While Smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. 1. Never Start A Story While Holding The Blunt, Bong, Bowl, ect.
  2. 3. Don't blow in to the bowl. Bitch.
  3. Blow someones buzz
  4. 4. Always have your own lighter, musical lighters is a no no..
  5. 5. Drop The Weed, Someone Always Does.
  6. Seems like rules for a non chill smoke haha. Who cares about who has the lighter and whether or not good stories are being told?
  7. stop smoking
  8. 6. dont french kiss the blunt
  9. Accidentally laugh/breathe into the bong; bong water everywhere.
  10. Burning my finger.. And leaving nugs laying around my room.

  11. This whenever I fall asleep I feel like my high is wasted

  12. don't sneeze into the bong.
  13. i was about to type this!
    emmm dont go green!
    oh and dont smoke a joint with lip gloss on
  14. Make hash oil
  15. Forget to pass the bong, and instead ramble about bullshit no one wants to hear. Anyone else think that same? My girl does it all the time haha.
  16. hahah yeah my friend always does it after about 5 minutes i have to shout at her to smoke up or pass it on
  17. don't be an annoying dumbass that acts like they're hallucinating.
  18. dont say "oh my gooood im sooooo stoned" when yore only after smokin half a joint
  19. Take a Drugs test.

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