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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AggieSmoker, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Ok so I decided that I wanted to try and start growing. I didnt know really anything so this is what I have done:

    I have an apartment with one bedroom with a closet. I bought some potting soil and some paper cups at the grocery store. My friend gave me what he said were chronic seeds. I dont really even know if its KB. So i filled the ups put the seeds in like 1"-1.5" and put some water in. I heard they need to be in the dark to germenate so i put them in the closet with the door closed. What should I do about lighting? When do I put light on them? How long should it take for them to germinate? Would one of those spiral flouresant like lights that screw into regular lamps be ok for lighting? Any tips greatly appreciated.
  2. to germinate, i woud put them in a moist paper towel and keep and them in a dark and hot area... then when you put them in the soil the seeds have to be way down in the cup, specially if its party cups... then u will need fluorescent lights or hps lights or matel halide lights, you can get them off ebay, but the wattage all depends on how many seeds you intend on growing, o yeah by the way, the seeds germinate when you see some kind of white tail on them... then you use good lights and shit, and then i dont even know where i am now, im high...

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