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  1. Hey All,
    My first beens have popped and I placed them in Small RW Cubes.
    The Sprouts (Pictured) are Medijuana & Night Nurse feminized.

    I have a Bag-seed Plant in my tent which is in week 9 of flowering. (Trichomes are cloudy since yesterday),
    The Bag-seed Plant was my Torture project. Getting set up and all ducted w fixtures in place. I am going to attempt to bring 2 of these seedlings to flower under SCROG. In a 2X4X6 tent, 600w MH & HPS.

    What I'd like to know from here, How long will these sprouts be on in the Little cubes?

    I will be transferring into 2-5 Gal Deep soak pots I have prepped with net-pots and pebbles.

    How long should the "Sprouts" stay in here before transferring into bigger RW or Net pots?

    Once into Veg stage, I'm a little more comfortable. I have been playing with Nutrients, and I'm even a little proud that I beat Spider-Mites in the early part of the grow and the Buds (Few of them) look very full and sticky. IMG_0855.jpg IMG_0856.jpg

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