What next should i get for my already perfect piece?!

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  1. So, as to be expected, I'm getting bored of my bong, despite how sick it already is. It's got ice clamps, internal 6 arm tree perc, plus i added an ac with a 3 arm tree perc, 6 shooter downstem, and a carbon filter. i dont want to dish out the csh for a brand new piece so that begs the question, what can i add to my piece to re-spark the love i once had for it?? thanks in advance
  2. 2011bc a/c and a disc diffused or and ice pinch bowl
  3. Convert it into an oil rig
  4. 10 more carbon filters.

  5. depends on what you want to spend. without replacing the tube an A/C and/or a bowl would be my vote...a 3 arm could easily be upgraded.
  6. sounds like everything you have could be upgraded
  7. new piece or safe your money and get a vape.
  8. Find a bong you actually like.

    Not because it has all the perks and bells and whistles and shit piled on, but because it looks good and it speaks to you.

    Fuck consumerism.
  9. take it on a date. that'll rekindle the fire
  10. Of course your gonna get sick of a shity bong like that
  11. buy a B.Wilson disc screen slide no drag at all that will deff rekindle an old flame
  12. Try removing the a/c.
  13. just get a new piece man you will love adding to your collection...rather than dump more money into accessories for a piece you are already getting bored of.

    i vote you get a showerhead AC or a stemline "fixed stem" tube.

    i just picked up the mcfinn carbon filter so maybe thats an option too as an upgrade to your previous piece.

  14. If your bong speaks to you then your probably smoking more than just bud.

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