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What' new?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by TNPAuTo, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. Anybody smoked some good shit lately, feel free to tell your story. I have nothing better to do than sit here stoned and read. ENTERTAIN ME!

    Here's what I've been smokin recently...

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  2. yeah dude.. this one time i like smoked a bowl, and then my eyes got all red and shit, and then i smoked another bowl and drank a whole bunch of coffee and smoked another bowl or 2 and i thought that the blood vessels in my eyes had popped cuz they were so red.. and i was, like, really high

    oh wait, that was last night
  3. lol, i think i just shit my pants.......... im about gone
  4. For all those who are stoned.....................

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  5. i have smoked some great kb lately and i am gonna get another eighth this week
  6. ok... so i had this strawberry philly blunt... i empty out all the tobacco without splitting the blunt (so what i had left was still the blunt, but emptied). i then packed this empty blunt skin full of one of the Northern Lights (not sure which #) varieties. it was incredibly potent. well, my friend had done something similar; except he only had mids. then we went into his van, and a little over an hour later, we had finished the goddies. i was actually trippin from the weed :D great time!

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