What New Piece Should I get

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  1. I am making a trip to new york city on saturday, and was curious what new piece i should get. I have about 80 dollars. I am planning on going to st marks place because there headshops all over that bitch. I want something small (probably something that fits in a backpack without taking up much room. I was thinking about a double chamber bubbler. I dont really want a bong because i am looking for a small size. I know 80 dollars isnt alot but you would be surprised at the nice things you can get for 80..

    Any suggestions?! :smoke:
  2. Maybe a small hammer or sherlock bubbler? I have a sherlock and my friends got a hammer, and while the sherlock is amazing, the hammer is way more portable, just doesnt hit quite as hard. You could get a decent hammer for 30-45 bucks, my sherlock was a bit more expensive at 70.
    You could also consider one of those mini bongs if they have any in stock.
  3. get a 40 dollar bowl from the head shop and save the rest a bubblers too hard to clean
  4. Get a nice Sherlock Bubbler, hits so smooth
  5. got a nice looking sherolock rather than a simple bubbler. i feel like for 80 bucks youd be able to get a nicer dry pipe than bubbler
  6. Get a Fat spoon to loads lot in. Bubblers spill in cars and shit.

  7. If I'm transporting my bub in a bag, I pour the water out after a session and just keep a water bottle with me. It's worth the slight bit more effort required.
  8. A bubbler would be great investment. My friend has one and whenever I go over to his house that's the first thing we use :) unless someone brings a bong :D:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  9. I have three bubblers and a bong i was thinking you were gonna drive and smoke sorry.

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