what new phone should i buy

Discussion in 'General' started by ForMiles, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Yeah I'm getting a iPhone next month and even getting a Macbook Pro 2011.
  2. I'm planning on getting the google nexus 3 when it comes out.
  3. Aren't Droid marketplace apps free? Besides, iPhones are stupid. All they are is an iPod touch with a calling/texting feature which you can actually get on iTunes for free so...
  4. I have an iPhone and love it. My dad had an iPhone, than got an android based phone, and no he sys he can't wait for the iPhone 5 cause he has so many problems with the android.

    I comes down to preference though really. I'm sure a lot of people prefer droid to iPhone...all I can say is personally the iPhone fucking rocks.
  5. i'll manage.......:rolleyes:
  6. droid bionic 4g dual core
  7. I ditched my Droid for an iPhone a month or so ago and couldn't be happier.

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