what new phone should i buy

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  1. everyone i talk to says droid>iphone, personally i think you should be able to fuckin test them before you guy em

    with that said, im getting a droid next time i can upgrade, they just seem cooler imho, but if i use an iphone and its a beast, we'll see
  2. ive had an iphone for years and i would recommend it. i hated all the android phones i used, but there are some good ones i havent used
  3. i have a iphone4 16gig with verizon.

    i have zero problems with it.

    it really comes down to preferance. i honestly dont know to much about the andriod powered phone but ill give u some insight about the iphone4.

    because it is apple, there is a "ipod" built and it works flawlessly.

    say i get a phone call, the music will tone down and switch over to the "phone". a few second after i hang up, my song will resume exactly where i stopped.

    i dont know if andriod is that detailed in their apps but thats an example of how well developed the OS is on the iphone.

    i dont understand how people can say the iphone battery sucks. i can go 2 days without a charge and have around 5% battery left. this is with texting for a good time of the day, listening to music as i walk around to class and running apps on my downtime.

    also, it takes only around 15 minutes to get close to a full charge.

    im kinda sleepy due to classes but if i remember ill add some more info.

    good luck
  4. if you get a iphone get the 3gs i hate the 4g the shape hurts your hand kinda and 50% of calls get muted or put on facetime
  5. I have an iPhone 4 and I love it!
  6. probably gonna buy a iphone, looked at my friends driod today and it confused the shit out of me hahha
  7. Good call, apple products are definitely designed for the technology impaired.

  8. #TeamAndroid Nuff Said
  9. I had a iPhone for 2 years (3GS) loved it to bits. My missus has a iPhone 4, nice... My contract came up a few months ago and I got a Galaxy S2..... iPhone? who the fuck are you!..... Not even comparible.... 80% more functional...
  10. Had an iPhone 3GS for 2yrs now have iPhone 4 for about 6months I would definitely recommend it :)
    Galaxy sucks btw. My girlfriend bought it but she had to return it and get an iPhone cuz galaxy sucked so much and had a shitty battery!
    But as said before- whatever suits you :)

  11. I haven't had a problem with either of those. I prefer the 4g shape compared to the 3g, I dont find it discomforting, and I've never accidently put a call on put or on facetime. Yet.
  12. Yeah, there's no doubt that the iPhone 4 looks MUCH better than the earlier iterations. They were straight up ugly with that useless curved back and fatty fat fat form factor

  13. Yea, my girlfriend has a 3g, and even those the differences are pretty small, I like the way the iphone4 looks alot better. more sleek, and I think it fits in my hand better. Or at least it feels better in my hand.
  14. I'm about to try to get a iPhone. I said try because I hope AT&T don't pull one on me and try to make me deposit more that 100 because I have no credit.. That would blow

  15. I tried to get a phone with Verizon with no established credit. They wanted me to pay the unsubsidized price for the phone, so ~$700, or put a $250 down payment on the account, plus a $100 security deposit for the phone, PLUS what the 2 year price for the phone was. So either method would've costed way too much money. Good luck sir.

    I finally just asked my aunt to add me to her AT&T plan.
  16. iPhone. Hands down. Shit on droid

  17. Yeah that is Verizon. Kinda crazy really
  18. I got a droid. A lg optimus v from virgin mobile for 130$ on amazon for 25$ a month for unlimited text n data with 300 mins its bomb and cheap. Really liking it
  19. Samsung Galaxy SII is a good contender to the Iphone 4, and you can also sync you're itunes to the galaxy too. =) :smoke: :-Q

  20. It's not even a contender. It's clearly leaps and bounds better than the iPhone 4 power wise. Plus the iPhone has an ugly LCD screen. I can never go back to LCD after using one of these super AMOLED plus screens. There's just no comparison at all

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