What neuts to add alongside my current in flower.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Merkidge69, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. In week 3 of flower in my second grow. Got a good feeling about this one! Im using gh flora series neuts and adding a little canna pk 13/14.
    I was wondering what neuts could i add along side my current ones for a noticeable change in yield, something to fatten them up!
    Replies appreciated cheers!

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  2. Most of what GH sells besides the 3 part flora series and CalMagic are sold because we growers think we need them, but we don't. I use nothing but those 4, and have tossed all the other worthless stuff I bought from them.
  3. At the moment all im using is
    Gh flora micro, gro and bloom.
    And canna pk13/14
    And cal mag.

    You wouldnt bother with any bud enhancers?
  4. I'm not an authority (who is), but I just stick with those 4.
    Buds know how to enhance themselves.
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    You could benefit from some added mycorrhizae, as long as you aren't on a dripper. They'll help create a better root zone and bigger roots = bigger fruits

    PS: Feed them with some sea kelp

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  6. What about flora ripen? Is that worth using in last week before flush
  7. We all suffer from the notion that we must always be doing something to our plants. An old school grower in a different forum (uncle ben in rollitup) convinced me that all that's needed is pretty much the same fertilizer from start to finish, no bloom foods, no teas, no nectars, no flushing. Just grow them like like other plants. The combination of illegality (which scares off real horticulturists), and blind faith in questionable authority (some make good livings off of this) has made us torture our favorite plant like no other.
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