What mystical creature does your dealer remind you of?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Messiah Decoy, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Mine is like Pan or the Minotaur.

    And he has a Labyrinth. :smoke:
  2. Mines just a bug chubby, brown dude..

    So idk
  3. Whichever one doesn't reply when i actually want something, that creature
  4. ^a cat

    My dudes an ex christian, born again doomsday prepper/survivalist.. So some sort of medium sized marsupial.
  5. My dealer is like a Chymera...a mix of couple o' things.
  6. A rhino. She is a fat lesbian with the highest possible level of butch. Good weed, though. 
  7. A sloth.

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  8. the shark from jaws. 
  9. One of santa's jolliest elf's but all the presents were weed.
  10. Does Oprah count as a mythical creature?
  11. One of the dudes I cop from is a real big dude I've known my whole life, his body is built just like Earl Sinclare (the dad or not the momma from the show dinosaurs)

    I say it all the time to him
  12. Man, thats a tough one. I don't think either of them would like me saying "Ay  my dude...I ever tell you that you remind me of a unicorn?"
  13. A kangaroo because he's Australian and likes to stand on his tail while kicking people

  14. Like a coyote he would naw his own leg off before he got caught, literately the most cautious dude i know..wait maybe theres a more better animal for that. idk
  15. A gryphon cause he's average looking and sneaky
  16. A Unicorn with dreads.
  17. Earthworm Jim
  18. My dealer has a deep voice and speaks really slowly. He often makes random and deeply philosophical remarks about things. He reminds me of an Ent.

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