what music??

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by jimmA, Sep 12, 2003.


what music u into

  1. hip-hop

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  2. punk/ska

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  3. metal

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  4. RnB (dunno what it is but heard of it)

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  5. anything/other

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  1. ska and punk myself but
    just wonderin...
  2. Wow, a music poll w/ no "rock" option.

    Rock (rock 'n roll, classic 60's/70's, 90's, jam)
    Some ska/punk (only mentioned it b/c of Sublime)

    I also like to throw in some rap. REAL rap, that is...Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube.
  3. moved to music hall

    ...and i myself like jam bands the best.
    just see <---- there. :D
  4. I like everything if it's done good, and has some point in it being it trying to reinvent it or just doing it good.
  5. Anything. I like a band/artist from just about every genre I can think of.
  6. all i'm gonna say is that this is the worst poll i've seen in a while.

  7. Ditto

    Worst Poll 4 Time!!!

    But jimma we all make mistakes don't sweet it ;)
  8. thats the most incomplete list of music genres iv ever seen. heh. your going to get a lot of "other"

  9. exactly.....:)

    personally.... i listen to any music that 'moves' me... i listen to what sounds good to me... just not one genre.....

    there are a few other threads about this.... if ya wanna check them out.... just use the "search" option and check em out...:D

  10. woah... people misinterpretin me.

    hmm.. i only have myself to blame.. that "constructive critizism" was somewhat content lacking.

    i wasnt trying to 'dis' or put down the fella.... just saying... ya know.. the poll coulda used more options.

  11. i don't know why.... but that just made me crack up.....:)
  12. Who really gives a fuck n e way? Just arguing over bullshit guys i mean it was a bad poll but we all have our own right to a opinion but there is no need for all this hating which my follow suite. Stop the hating and stay High on the loving.
  13. actually the better pole would have been:

    Which is the best Genre of music:

    1) Heavy Metal
  14. Me...



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