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What Music Drives You?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalSteve, May 23, 2010.

  1. So i JUST baptised my FIRST bong, Name him Yoda...ide upload a pic but i cant cus im fucking ripped right now RIGHT i remember now...ok so like i said im high....My question to you guys is what kiknd of music REALLY gets your mood going:D....anyways ya guys :D HAPPY SMOKING!
  2. Shit i forgot to piost,,,mine is techno/gino/house Italian love the euro beats:D.
  3. drum and bass
  4. Reggae, and rap.
  5. Nirvana + Pearl Jam + Neil Young + The Tragically Hip + Cat Power = :hippie:
  6. reggae, rap, techno
  7. Listen to "A Perfect Circle". Makes me zone out big time.
  8. Paul Van Dyk, Explosions in the Sky, Colorpulse, The Album Leaf, The Flashbulb....

    Stuff like that.
  9. Tool, Ataxia, 311, Amon Tobin/Cujo, some good ass classical piano.
  10. I like I run by slim thug while im burn cruisin
  11. All music signing about ganja. Regga rap rock. What ever it is I enjoy it
  12. Metal / Death Metal
  13. i love me some old school hip hop, especially nas, gang starr, wu-tang... and pretty much anything that dj premier produced

    i like metal too, i love me some old metallica

    and electronic music's the shit. drum and bass, hardstyle, and dubstep are probably the best... but i do enjoy good ol trance as well
  14. Mac Dre YEE! Got to love the classics too, Pink Floyd an all that
  15. Hip-hop, Reggae , Metal , Techno.
    matter of fact I love me, my music <3
  16. some of my favorite blazing songs recently have been

    "I aint mad at cha" tupac rap
    "amber" 311 alternative?
    "leaving the past" immortal technique rap

    immortal technique is absolutely amazing by the way, id say hes the best rapper currently living
  17. Grateful Dead
  18. Wu Tang, Vampire Weekend, Diplo, Santogold, Drake, Lykke Li, Tech N9ne, the list goes on and on~
  19. Infected Mushroom, dubstep, reggae, any other techno/trance music.

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