what music do you listen to the most??

Discussion in 'General' started by danceefx, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. whats the damn deal biatch!!!!!!!! well i was wondering what kind of music you listen to when you blaze.
    i listen to mostly house/techno type shit. but i also play the old school metal cause the bands these days are fucking gay ass mofos.
  2. [​IMG] Depends on mood, companions,and situation. But given only one choice I would say Classic Rock. [​IMG]
  3. Whatever suits the mood. Some Grateful Dead, Phish. Mellow stuff. Or something thatll get me moving. I dont know depending on the mood I have no set playlist. =)

  4. hip hop....put sum of that west coast ish on an sumones bound to start walkin...
  5. i have to say a bit of everyworls, but i love the eagles for classics, abut my FAVORITE group in the whole world is " Lucy Pearl." i guess I like R&B. But whatever's playing i'll usually be happy with
  6. Its all about trance...thats the greatest thing in the world when i bake
  7. man trance sucks ass dude i hope you dont say anything gay like paul oakenfold is the best dj in the world. dude you gotta check out the bad shit, house, tech house and techno. but whatever its cool. i recently have been playing JOHN DIGWEED, SASHA, NICK WARREN you know who im talking about, but dude you gotta check out this new cd its from MISSTRESS BARBARA she spins techno the bitch is bad ass. its called relentless beats vol. 2. go get it now.

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