What music do you like to listen to while and after smoking

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  1. just for fun post what kind of music you and your friends like to listen to while your all smoking. sometimes music can freak out people and other times it is a source of inner strength and can cause massive periods of continuos smoking sessions and tendencies to chill with the munchies....i love pot!!!!!!
    and I listen to Pink Floyd....and anything else basically im an open minded kinda person :rolleyes:
  2. mmm... I kinda like all types of music, but I guess that hearing some King Crimson, Jethro Tull & Frank Zappa would be cool while smoking, after, and at any time :D

    Ps.. I don't smoke, so well, if you get to listen to them while smoking, tell us your experience.
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  3. im a big zephed. i also like pink floyd and other classic stuff. i like stereophonics, but they're not known in the US. By the way, this should be in the music forum so let me send it that way....
  4. You mean, you moved this thread to right here?

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