What music do you like to listen to while and after smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by High420, Feb 25, 2001.

  1. just for fun post what kind of music you and your friends like to listen to while your all smoking. sometimes music can freak out people and other times it is a source of inner strength and can cause massive periods of continuos smoking sessions and tendencies to chill with the munchies....i love pot!!!!!!
    and I listen to Pink Floyd....and anything else basically im an open minded kinda person :rolleyes:
  2. mmm... I kinda like all types of music, but I guess that hearing some King Crimson, Jethro Tull & Frank Zappa would be cool while smoking, after, and at any time :D

    Ps.. I don't smoke, so well, if you get to listen to them while smoking, tell us your experience.
  3. im a big zephed. i also like pink floyd and other classic stuff. i like stereophonics, but they're not known in the US. By the way, this should be in the music forum so let me send it that way....
  4. PS, you dont smoke? So, I take it you just sit a enjoy the smell? LOL. I listen to RAP/HIP HOP, baked or not :D but mostly baked.
  5. It's been a while since I've had a bunch of friends over all smokin' it up (well, with the family life now and all).

    We used to jam to smashing pumpkins, white zombie, pearl jam, metallica (and when I could get away with it) jethro tull among many others. If we were doing acid, then smashing pumpkins was good, as well as bongwater, pink floyd, or even the evening news :).

    I like too many bands to list, really. I like everything but rap. No offense here, to each his own and all that tolerant shit (would you expect different from a stoner?). But I feel that music also includes tone and pitch, not just talking rhythmically in rhymes. I mean, sometimes the music sounds cool and all (the rumbling bass feels and sounds great on a good system), but there's just something intrinsic in me that scoffs at lack of intonation. It just reminds me of me trying to sing when I didn't know what the hell pitch was (or how to control it).

    OK, I'm done now!
  6. i also like too much music to list, i like rock and heavy metal. i was part of the Guns N' Roses fan club until 95' when Axl just turned into a total bitch and kicked Slash out. What the fuck was he thinking?! Slash was the fucking backbone of GN'R. And you know what sucks? I had lawn seats for the GN'r consert at Riverport St. Louis when Axl started the riot but I couldnt go cause my drivers licence expired and noone would drive me cause its a long drive to riverport. So I thought Ide see them next time, but NO Axl became a total bitch and ruined it for me. DAMN IT! um, i was a littel mad about it but I think I'm over it now.
  7. mmm... sure you are over it now? :rolleyes:
  8. Some sexy blues, or relaxing classical. Or a compilation of my favs. songs (courtesy of napster) Memories from "good times" long gone. My preference depends on the mood i'm in at the time.
  9. My musical interests vary from how I feel that particular day, etc. recently i've been listening to a lot of, Songs: Ohia. I also recently just picked up the Sublime - Acoustic Bradley Nowell And Friends .. which is an amazing album, great when your baked, very mellow and laid back.

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  10. LoL, well, it's also funny seeing others' faces. :p
  11. When im high i usually listen to oldie weed jams. like I Got 5 On It. or snoop or somethen about weed.
    Im usually with my couze and my mom when i blaze and they choose what THEY want ta listen 2.

  12. sigh. am i the only junglist here? guess so. well if you cant tell already, i listen to jungle and drum and bass. i also listen to a lot of '70's stuff. The Doors, Hendrix, Lennon, Beatles, etc.
  13. Jimi Hendrix is GOD. I pray to be worthy to mention his name.
  14. My all time fav band to listen to when I'm high, has got to be "TooL" amazing band, I would categorize them like progressive metal if anything, but wow, what a trip....

    Other than that, I like Floyd(naturally), Doors, Led Zep, King Crimson....

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