What movie is this?

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  1. So I saw a trailer for this movie like 5 years ago. Basicslly the whole story to the movie is; everyone has a set a stone plan in life and an organization oversees and makes sure everyone lives according to the life that they planed. But when someone figures out whats going, said organization tries to kill/stop that person.

    Sooo I think I left a decent description if you figure out this movie you're the greatest. I've asked every movie buff I know but they always look at me like im high or something.
  2. Don't have the slightest. I've even tried searching IMDb but their advanced plot search was generating results.
  3. Doesn't sound familiar, sorry bro!:/
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    sounds like every movie from the last 5 years :confused_2:
    maybe an actor or something would help?
  5. And this movie continues to remain unknown. Sorry guys don't know the actors. I just saw the trailer and marked it as a movie I had to see eventually

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