What Moves Do You Use??

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  1. Pretty much my soft skin and my dress sense. Most girls will come out to me at a party and compliment me on my style and I'll strike up a conversation, if things are going well I'll sneakily pull out a comment of how soft my skin is. Since the natural reaction is too touch it, they always do, so they come in close to touch it and I just pull in for a kiss. 98% it works wonders. If it doesn't I just say, shit sorry I'm drunk, wasn't thinking straight.
    So what works for you?

  2. I thought you meant like thrusting techniques or something...

    Really I don't get what you're talking about
  3. The fact that im not a typical asian, sketchy gangster bad ass look/designer belts,sunglasses,watches, the way i walk.
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    I usually jus spill a drink over all over the person shes drinkin w, say........."O, my bad"
    Then they usually halft to go to the bathroom to wash up.......then when they're away from their friend..... ask to buy her a drink. And start talking about how clumsy the other person is for spilling the drink all over themselves.
    Usually works for me
  5. Damn I'ma have to try that soft skin trick hahaha, can't believe that works!
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    I do the elbow touch, I'll touch the elbow and pretend like I jizzed in my pants. She'll be like, what's wrong? I tell her I can't control myself around girls with nice elbows. They laugh, I giggle like a woman, then the rest is history, I'm colonizing that pussy.
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    I have a distinct style of getting females. I just walk in with a plaid button shirt and designer dark shades so they can't see my eyes then I just sit down and chill. Most of the time, the females approach me because they see how confident and easygoing I am so I strike a conversation with them which ends up in a humorous matter cause I like to make people laugh. You just gotta learn how to bullshit with females and shit will come your way, be patient and don't fuck you or else you won't get to fuck. Sativa strains and Alcohol helps as well. 
  8. A simple smile and "Ay what's goin' on?" does it for me
  9. I just say "wanna watch a movie?" then proceed to pop in booty call and after rubbin her leg for a min its on
  10. Bitches see my Oppa Gangdam style and they cant resist my penis. I dont know what it is about that dance that makes me sexy
  11. same bruh
    i usually show up to the party wearing my latex pants and tell the bitch "yo my skin is so smooth i was able to squeeze into these pants without much olive oil"

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