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What motivates yOU?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by blackdust420, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I have been thinking bout the things that motivate me.
    The things that make me work hard in this world are : drugs, sex. & travel



    What motivates you?
  2. My 3 yr old son and going to college mainn
  3. drugs,bitches,money,new environments(i guess you could say traveling)
  4. travilin to jalisico *****s and money drugs young jeezy and my crew
  5. getting my bachelors, liquor, Drugs and Trim.

    Bout it.
  6. music, art, weeeeed, nice girls not just the sex part, love, family, my friends, hatred, weed.....

    oh and psychadelics
  7. Not becoming a fuck up and having a future. Family. Friends. My girl. Money. Drugs. What the next day will bring :smoking:

    Making something that I can be proud of :hello:
  8. Music, poetry, psychedelics, weightlifting, nature, my dog.

  9. funny how you separate the liquour from the drugs.
  10. In order
    and the future.
  11. adventure, excitement, pleasure, knowledge
  12. My girl. Pretty much the only thing.

    Oh and I guess David Gilmour does. Music, yeah. But mainly my girl
  13. exstacy and pussy
  14. haters are my motivators cash comes fast after that feel me?
  15. in general - hapiness and money

    more specifically - my education and future, job, weed, sex, travel

    pretty much anything I do is for one of those
  16. nature
  17. my inner spirit and my inner spirit is powered by a timeless strength that which is held by the Kings of the Earth:hide:

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