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What month to start growing marijuana?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by cody8892000, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Right now its mid march where i live in america......at night the temps are still getting down to about 40 degrees if not colder and i was wondering about how much longer im gonna have to wait till its time to start planting...

    ...and isnt there somthing farmers use to know when to plant their crops? i thought it was an almanac and i looked up the one for my state and it only told me like the land elevations and like the record temps for this area
  2. hmm, id say,

    west coast- now, maybe 1 week

    east coast- a few weeks

    midwest- a month, maybe sooner if u live in the dirty south

    im a mid-atlantic resident myself, and an impatient bastard, so im starting 2 or 3 beans now under a light, when they're like 5 days old theyre goin out, i dont want parental interference when they start lookin like weed.
  3. I live in Ohio , and the temps here are hovering around 30-40 degrees f, and it is way too early to plant. What you are looking for is the temps to get to atleast 70 degrees during the day, and a little cooler at night for you to start. What you really have to look out for, which might be in that almanac, is the frost schedule in your area. It might be really nice and 70 degrees for a week or two, but if a frost comes while they are still young it has a good chance of killing your herb. Here is one link to check the last frost in your area, but they arent always correct. http://www.growquest.com/frost_free_new mex.htm In Ohio it says between April 15th and April 21st is the last frost so i might wait a week after that to plant, who knows. Good luck with your grow and watch out for the cold! :hello:
  4. haha yeah im with PinceSoHigh. im startin some now under bulbs. and waitin
  5. If you got a killer stealth spot that can handle huge plants then I would start the seeds/clones now and put them out sometime after May 1st. (In the Mid-west U.S.)

    I'm looking to keep my plants small and bushy so I decided I will start my seeds in a few weeks and put them out sometime at the end of May. I want plants that stay under 4-5 ft.
    Less yield this way, but what ya gonna do?
  6. You should LST to keep them low.
  7. farmer's use what is called the farmer's almanac. most farmers start planting a week after the last frost, which the almanac gives the date of for your state. if u live in new england then u def can't grow now. i live in louisiana right now and have started growing and the plants are growing strong and fast. I guess annywhere in the south u could plant right now. i don't know much about
  8. Im on the west coast, and was wondering if I could plant my seeds now? Say if I had ten seeds, should i space them out or put them all in one pot? I couldnt find an answer using the search button. Sorry, very new to growing.
  9. different pots is the safest way to go. You can put them in one, but I don't suggest it all. It makes it harder to transplant, plus their roots could tangle...bottom line way more can go wrong, don't do it if you don't have to.
  10. I live in kent and i want to start growing weed instead of keep paying these stupidly high prices for it, i want to grow it in my woods but im not sure of when to plant, can anyone help:smoking::)
  11. I'm assuming this is Kent, Washington, so i would start germing in late march/early april.
  12. hey man i live in ohio too. was jus wonderin if the same grow time applies to inside growing. im new to this n tryin to learn all i can. been smokin a few years now n have smoked some interesting and damn good bud. for instance, strawberry cough, blackberry, sweettooth. but any help would be much appreciated. maybe even give ya a hookup on some good when its all said n done.
  13. So Northern Cali should of started already??? I think im running late.
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    depends on if you start indoors or not.
    wait a bit more if you're starting outdoors
    the main thing is to have 3 months of veg in a sunny spot (the more the sun the faster they get big). Starting super early isn't necessary, having a sunny spot is to get big yields. 4/20 is good for an outdoor start, 3/20 for an indoor from seeds, 2/20 for an indoor start from clones. You want your plants in their final spots in beg or mid May, beg June max. I'm trying to get mine in on 4/20, I started them on 3/20.
  15. Right now is a good time to start.
  16. Im in the mid west, there are many ways to beat the frost, I just simply bring them in at night, put them out early morning, small home made greenhouses work too and dont be afraid to let them experience somo cold nights i really only bring them in if it drops under 40F, mine are about 2 weeks now on third set of leaves, maby a bit slower growth but well worth the early start, id start them now in pots, only bring them in if necessary, i keep them in a closed back porch keeping the natural lightcycle i think thats important but just my opinion.
  17. N.Cal...any time from feb-mid/late april...right now were having storm issues so ofcourse you wouldnt plant now...but within the next 4wks for sure...A lot of folks like myself vegi n tents then go outdoors with a head start....by the time my girls see the sun they're a min 2ft with plenty of natures veg cycle to go...i still have a post going on 3 plants i planted 11-9-11 just to show in my part of cali its possible to grow year round...plant is in re-veg now...i'll be putting my outdoor girls in may 1st..5=Super Silver Haze.....3=Lambs Bread...2= Jack Herer
  18. Just pointing this out, us ohioans have to have the best cultivation laws anywhere..Ohio State Laws
  19. [quote name='"CDM4"']Just pointing this out, us ohioans have to have the best cultivation laws anywhere..Ohio State Laws[/quote]

    Yea you do you bastard....... lol
  20. Corto,

    I'm having issues with my search feature here on GC. Can you tell me, and everyone else, how to determine when to put your plants outside (if you started them inside under lights) in order to keep the plants from flowering early. I remember faintly what you said in another thread, but I want to make sure.

    I plan on setting mine out around May 20. Here is the sunrise/sunset info for my area on this date:

    Sunrise: 6:17am
    Sunset: 8:27pm

    Total daylight: 14 hours, 9 min

    Begin civil twilight (dawn): 5:49 am
    End civil twilight (dusk): 8:56pm

    Currently, my digital timer is set at 5:50am on and 9:15 off. Do I need to adjust these times (I understand I need to adjust these time in small increments, say 10-15 minutes every 2-3 days)?

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