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what mistakes did you make being a noob?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by UWMTOKER, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. so i started smoking at an older age then most of you probably. I started smoking my freshman year of college, and at this point i didn't have my own pipe and never even bought my own weed yet. So there were a bunch of us drinking and shit in a friends dorm and then a bunch of kids decided they wanted to go to another persons room to smoke. I had only smoked a couple times before that and I wanted to smoke so badly so i joined. Well there were about 15 kids smoking and about 5 kids were smoking everyone up. I had never smoked from a bong before and this is how we were smoking. well i had watched and i knew how to do it i guess from watching. so i took my hit and pulled out the slide and as i'm about to pass the bong a kid goes "you have to finish your hit" and i'm all like "wtf does that mean?:confused:" so i put the slide back in and inhaled again, then passed it. (i think i was thinking that because the bud was still smoking in the bowl i was supposed to keep going or something lol) This happened about three times (we smoked a shit ton, it didn't happen everytime just a couple) nobody said anything more though and we just continued. Then as i started to smoke from a bong more i finally understood that "finish your hit" meant put your hand over the top and then inhale the rest of the smoke that i couldn't take all in...I WAS TAKING DOUBLE HITS AND NOT EVEN REALIZING IT! looking back my friends must have just wanted to murder me. but oh well i guess haha. i'm over it now.

    Anyone else have experiences like this? i hope i'm not the only one
  2. Yeah actually the very first time I ripped a bong was with my brother in our backyard during the beginning of 09 summer. He took the first hit, then passed it to me. I took a huge hit, and my brother said to clear it. I had no idea what that meant. So i left the bong uncapped while all the remaining smoke escaped. My brother was cool and explained to put ur hand over it, let out your hit, then clean all the rest of the smoke out, but I felt like a retard that day. Oh well, I was super dooper high anyways ;)
  3. I think my biggest noob mistakes was hitting the jay too hard. Back in those days, whenever we had a circle we had an agreement of 3 hits per person and we always smoked joints. I used to take lunge-drags as much as my throat could take for all of my 3 hits. Also the people I smoked with had smoked for a little longer time than I had so their tolerance was higher. It always resulted in me getting high as fuck then puking for a while until I fell asleep, lol
  4. my first few times smoking with my n00b friends or by myself once, i had the hardest time lighting the weed. i didn't quite understand the concept of "sucking down the flame" so those sessions didn't really work out too well.
  5. I never really had to finish a hit i always had good lungs. but i used to lib extremley bad. i would do it without thinking about it. But the worst thing was bloing back into a pipe once. i starded laughing mid hit and the guy i was with freaked out. lets just say i never did that again. thanks for reading :smoking:
  6. laughing into the bong lol
  7. My biggest mistake was not buying a bowl or bong early. I would usually stick to smoking a J and when I got my first bowl I was so pissed! Usually a bowl pack or two could get me high to where I wanted to be, whereas a J is just smoking non-stop and wasting whenever your not inhaling.

    I did make some little rip-shit pipes and bongs out of bottles and foil, but I think thats a stage all smokers must go through. So if you are new, get a nice glassy and enjoy!
  8. haha, yeah don't blow in the bong when its full! not fun for anyone =P

  9. Damnit I wanted to say that!!!

    Laughing/coughing into the bong. :rolleyes:
  10. ive taken many-a-too heavy drags from a joint. caugh,caugh,caugh. :hide:
  11. Wrapping my lips around that L like it was a dick. No, not really. But I used to wet the tip a bit where I would take the hit.. :eek: It's a good thing I only smoked with my friends at that time, or else I'm sure someone would've made me feel like a total bitch for it.
  12. When I was like 14 I rolled a blunt and smoked it in my bathroom thinking all the smell would escape in like an hour into the vent... lol so dumb, needless to say I definitely got caught and my mom was trippin.
  13. bought from my brothers friends when i waz young.since i waz smaller they ripped me off hella bad. dicks:mad:
  14. Back when I was younger (ten years ago or so) I used to do alot of cruising around stoned out of my gourde. So to my story: I pulled into the local holiday to gas up the car, get out of the car, and crash there goes my new glass pipe I had bought a week ago! My bag (1/4 ounce of nug) fell to the ground and the wind came and started blowing it across the parking alot... A bunch of people look up and are staring at me after I yell SHIT! So there I was stoned as hell running after my bag for about a hundred feet or so as the wind is keeping it just out of my grasps! I finally caught it walked briskly back to my car and left! The whole time my two friends are just hunched in the car laughing their asses off! I felt like a complete idiot and will never forget that!!! I have always paid better attention to not put my pipe and bag on my lap while driving.... :D
  15. laughing into a bubbler :| water got everywhere >_<
  16. defintly not fully inhaling. i probably wasted a good 2 or so grams by myself not inhaling all the way. o watd id do now to redo those sesh's :)
  17. Blowing through a bubbler to clear the ash...
    I had been smoking lots of pipes, and so it was just an impulse to blow before packing another bowl. Water was everywhere and smelled like right shit
  18. Dude i didn't learn what cornering was until like a week ago so i was always like
    "How come they're always pokin the bowl with the lighter?"

  19. I'm sure plenty of you have done this. I bought an ounce of wut i thought was supposed to be dank. not knowing my way around weed i bought it for 50. Shittiest schwag ever. smelled like burnt hot dogs :eek:
  20. Ahh the early years of smoking.... I would have to say that my worst n00b mistake would be just my general lack of smoking etiquette. Not to say that my friends were nazi's about it or anything, but I just didnt know the ropes.

    Aside from that, I started buying my own stuff shortly after starting to smoke.... It took me a while to realize that it takes some time to kick in. I used to smoke 4 bowls to my head wondering why I wasn't getting high... then I'd be destroyed!!

    Good thing I've learned otherwise since then!

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