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What misconception bothers you most

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Last night, I thought it would be kind of fun to watch some stupid anti weed stuff while I was high. It was kinda funny, to see how stupid it was, but they became more annoying than anything else once the high wore off, due to all the stupidity, showing how little they know. So of all the things anti-marijuana people say about us or weed in general what do you think is the stupidest or most annoying?
  2. that weed causes all sorts of health problems. the fuck it does:smoking:
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    Oh yeah lol, that was so funny, I saw one thing that said for medical purposes its bad, patients reported side effects of dizziness and tiredness, lol I laughed for about 5 mintues! Those are the MAIN effects! I guess if you havent smoked you might describe body high as dizziness. I hate being dizzy and I love the body high, but I can kinda see how someone who doesnt use it might describe it that way.
  4. that weed makes you lazy.
    that weed is worse than cigarettes.
    that (and this is actually from a glencoe health textbook) weed causes birth defects and pregnancy issues, which I find hilarious.
    Edit: forgot to mention the book says if you smoke it BEFORE you get pregnant, it still causes these birth defects and pregnancy issues
  5. I hate the stereotypical "dumb-ass" stoner. Hey, just look at the brilliant people who have used the drug: Alexander Dumas (not a "dumb-ass") :), Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Queen Victoria, and Jack Kerouac just to name a few.
  6. I get most offended when people try to tell me my beloved MJ causes cancer at a rate 4 times greater than cigarettes. Anyone who compares my lovely buds to those death sticks needs to be bitch slapped, preferably with a rubber glove:D

    I think its especially ignorant considering that marijuana is prescribed for fucking cancer. What doctor prescribes something that causes cancer as treatment for cancer.

    Either that, and that BS myth that says that, because marijuana stays in your system for up to 30 days, your high for 30 days, thats just retarded(even though that'd be fun if you didn't have to do anything for those 30 days).
  7. Weed does not make you a lazy burnout. The kids that are lazy and smoke weed give it a bad rap.

    Today I woke up and baked. (what is the past tense of 'wake n bake'?). I finished my last college paper, and cleaned my whole room out. Smoked again then hit the bars with some friends.

    My stepdad is the VP of a multi-billion $ company, and smokes nightly.

    People just need to realize that, like alcohol, weed is all about responsible use.
  8. >Strain names define quality.
  9. Carl Sagan FTW lol we used to watch his videos in science class when i was in high school, He was obviously a psychonaut
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    agreed. however legit, known strains (white widow, AK47, trainwreck, kush, etc) are going to have great genetics, and its just a matter of whether its grown properly, and if the dealer actually has that weed instead of just saying he does.

    thats not to say "unknown" strains arent as good. they're just as good usually. its just with an unknown strain, you dont know what kinda genetics it has, and u dont know what kinda high it gives until you smoke it :smoking:

    i hate when people associate "dro" and "hydro" with quality. this is simply the medium its grown in, and its entirely dependant on how well its grown. you can get shwag that was made hydroponically, or you can get dank, mids, etc. all depends the grower. as well as the strain being grown. neither one is better then the other in terms of quality (dank hydro isnt gonna be any better then dank organic).

  11. Exactly! Whenever someone asks "how much does sour D cost" I get :(
  12. The whole gateway thing pisses me off. They spit it out like of you smoke the reefer, next you will be sucking dick for crack.
  13. i once had a guy try to charge me $50 an eighth for grand daddy purp. only prblem was it was schwag. there was purple in it, but you had to search for it beneath all the brown and tan :( it is possible it was legit GDP... but man o man it was grown very poorly.

  14. I can see how that one would be applied. Usually the people who try mj are more open minded, and people who develop a psyc addiction may want a better high. I recently broke my back as got OCs for pain meds. I can see how someone who is ignorant or who has poor self control could get into trouble with those. The ones I'm taking legally for my pain do make me feel great.

    Again, it's about responsible use of whatever your drug of choice is.
  15. I just thought of another thing I hate. i hate it how in some scenarios (tv shows or anti-weed propaganda) they have the stoner offer some kid weed and when the kid says no, the stoner makes fun of the kid, and calls him a pussy or whatever (of course they cant say that word on tv so they usually say chicken). I have never known of anyone making fun of someone choosing not to smoke weed. Do I get mad at people when they make fun of me for smoking weed, of course, and then I usually just say they are stupid people who fell for the propaganda. But someone who just says they dont want to smoke, fine, more for me!:smoking:
  16. Woke and toked?
  17. All my major issues are pretty much covered so far...

    But also that "club weed" is instantly the best weed. they sell different levels of quality...
  18. That we use it because we got problems in our life. And they suggest it makes you stupid people think that because i smoke i have less common sense or ability to problem solve, I am like no its not permenant lol.
  19. that weed makes you let kids draw on your face.
  20. My major pet peeve is the misconception that there is absolutely no negative to smoking pot.

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