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What might be good?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jennski, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. I've never really smoked because I get an awful feeling....similar to how you'd feel after getting off the merry-go-round at the park when you were a kid. (Or that "put your foot on the floor so the bed stops spinning" feeling!) I get violently ill most of the time (like motion sickness). My guy is determined to find something that will work for me. He just brought me Lemon Haze. Two hits and I got that feeling, but not as bad. (Although it did give me a sore throat.) I didn't get violently ill, but I still just wanted to curl up on the couch until it went away. He thinks maybe if I keep with it that will get better. I generally have some anxiety and depression and insomnia that I currently take meds for, so I'm willing to give it a shot if it'll help me feel better. Do I just need to ease into it and let my body get used to it? Is there maybe other strains anyone would recommend? Or might I just be someone it's not for? Thanks for any input!
  2. Why would you want to smoke when it makes you feel that way???????????????

    Cannabis is probably not for you.
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  3. Strains aren't all that different from each other, they're all marijuana. Just like if you go to the grocery store and there's like 5 different types of tomatoes or potatoes. At the end of the day, there's a tiny variation but they're all still pretty much the same. Most differences come in taste and quality, not so much in effects, or at least effects that vary that much. What I'm saying is, it's not certain strains that are causing this, it's marijuana in general.

    The spins/dizziness may go away one day, or it may not. But for now, you may want to question why someone is continually trying to get you high when getting high is not an enjoyable experience for you and makes you violently ill.
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  4. That is what I've always thought, but I honestly never gave it much of a try.
    What I'm wondering is if it would be similar to, say, depression meds that when you start taking them you often feel floaty or just awful for a few days until your body gets used to it? Because of a surgery I've had I can no longer take the meds for depression that worked well for me and I'm looking for an alternative. My guy was saying when he started smoking again after a couple years where he couldn't because of a job, the first few times weren't so pleasant until he was used to it again. So I guess that's the info I'm looking for.
  5. He's certainly not pushing it on me. We're just trying to find something that might help me more than rx meds I'm currently taking that aren't doing a whole lot of good. I'm just seeing what anyone might have to say about it all before I just say "this is how I feel once so I'm not going to bother at all"

  6. Yeah, it's really not like that at all. But it's possible that whatever caused you to be unable to take the depression meds is also what's causing you to have such a negative reaction to marijuana. Usually when people have an unpleasant experience with cannabis it's due to it causing panic/anxiety, not making someone violently ill.
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  7. Gotcha. If you're taking prescription meds they may interact with weed and cause mental and physical issues, which could be the cause of the spins and illness you're experiencing. This is really the kind of thing you should be talking to your doctor about, and if you don't feel you can talk to your doctor about it, find a doctor who you can talk to.
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  8. It's not a simple thing to substitute cannabis for prescription meds. The people I've talked with on the forum have tried numerous strains to find the ones that work for them for different conditions. Your boyfriend might eventually find the "right" strain for you, but I agree with most of the previous posts. If it doesn't make you feel good why do it? My wife doesn't like getting high so I do not try and convince her it will be fun- it's not for her. Listen to your body. At least I would.
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  9. Well, I had this same feeling even back in high school before I took any meds, so I don't think that's it. A few weeks ago I tried to smoke a little of what he had and it was awful. Yesterday I tried a little of what it got for me and it wasn't nearly as bad. Just spinny mainly. This is why I asked about strains.

  10. I've had several people recently tell me it made them I'll. I found that surprising because in my 40+ years all I've ever heard was good things. The stuff of his I tried recently made me paranoid and I'll. The stuff he got me wasn't bad, I just still felt floaty.
  11. It sounds to me like you should probably stay away from cannabis and look for other methods for help or maybe give the strain that made you floaty a couple more tries to see if it gets better for you
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  12. Iv only had the off balance eqilrlbium feeling, dizzy and mild visual disstortion, Once my first smoke session. Smoked 4 bowls of brick from a 2foot bong. Group, not alone.
    After that I only got sleepy for smoking to much.

    I ended up being walked home by locking elbows with a Freind. Waking up hours later only to vomit from the smoke I swallowed.

    It was similar to the high from gasoline fumes.
    I huffed gasoline in my youth to achieve hallucinations.
    The wa wa wa sound feeling. And the wavy vision. Similar to being drunk.

    Only negative experience.
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  13. Thanks for the reply. I gave it a few tries and it still just made me floaty and nauseous so I gave up. It wasn't that awful important to me. I'm open to trying things, so I did. Oh well!

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  14. I also replaced my medication with cannabis but did so with little negative conditions rarely uncomfortable.

    I can't explain your "paranoia" like experience unless other medications are in consumption like an MAOI or antidepressants.
    I nolonger refill my scripts for schizophrenia and another for bipolar disorder any more. Haven't for 6 months. Improperly diagnosed I think. Won't file for disability cause I think mentally ill veiwed people loose constitutional rights. Nor did meds change anything.
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  15. Yeah I was diagnosed with both of those and I took pills but am just now about to get back on by new insurance so I'm nervous to see how it will affect me and I did file for disability and got it but I see what you mean I had to make my mom payee because I'm guessing they don't think I'm capable of handling my funds and I'm sure it will effect many other areas of my life but I have shown signs of both things so I can't really say I was improperly diagnosed. So what does cannabis help you cope with or do you just use it for recreation?
  16. Antidepressants are a bitch to come off, I've come off three different types now and am on a forth. If you have stopped taking them try taking 5-htp suppliments or St. John's wort, both work as a mild mood lifter and don't have as many interactions as antideppressants. I've never had any problem with weed and antidepressants but everyone's body reacts different (especially to those pills, they a known for the strange and varied side effects)

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  17. I bought some for my 15th birthday once I was informed it was natural with no human additive. First experience was like a mild pycidelic. I huffed gasoline for 6 months before waking up mysteryusly on the ground. Stop after that. The haultionations were short and Delirium based. Projected illusions mostly. Gasoline was my only recreational seemed high. Then I found weed made me feel like a movie character.
    After than phycodelics and few phqrmicucicals were injested seperatly. For curiosity and experiments. Xanex or fytnal patches were enjoyable pharmacy contrabands but never paid or seeked by me.

    Phycodelics are my intoxicant of choice. Hate alcohol. Aywaska, dxm besides cannabis are they only phycodelics injested. More of a religuise seeking then recreational.

    ADHD meds arnt even abusable nor is there a speedy high achieved. Possibly cause ADHD is also a diagnosis given .
    Weed make me sleep better and is a social activity with provoking conversations. Losses my neck and head musles.

    I do know pot will effect heart beat rythem give the appearance of a panic attack from listening.
  18. I noticed a mild tolerance build feeling even to was clean from tch for 9 months. It seemed to make the high less intense. While on my script.
  19. I've always had this same feeling, even years ago when I was never on any meds. It has always made me feel like I just got off of some fast spinny playground ride, like a merry-go-round. So it making me ill has nothing to do with any other meds. So I guess it's just not something I can do. I feel so horrible that I don't even want to continue to see if it'll get better with time/tolerance.

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