WHAT method do I use?

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  1. This is a long read, beware:
    So I'm brand new at growing on my own, my only "field" experience I have is with helping my boss grow his commercial size 16 ft-2 pound producing plants...
    This year I'm starting my own grow, and I have wayyy too many options to pick from to start with. My funds as of now for this are about $2500. The only thing I have really chosen is that I'm going to be going Australian Purple, and the starts are already about 5 inches tall.

    I have 12 Australian Purple seed starts, and 12 OG Kush starts, about the same height. I'm thinking I should probably stick to only one strain, so my first question is, should I just cut the Kush out of the picture? Or should I spend the extra $600 on soil and nutrients and set up a small garden somewhere for them?

    Next, I have a small garden area that only gets sun from sunrise until 11 am, would that be sufficient sun to supply a seed garden? I hate killing pot plants, my boss has me do off with all his males and I grimace every time I squeeze the clippers around them, so I'd like to save my boys if there's enough sunlight. In the sun it'll be about 70 degrees in the morning and 90 by 11.

    As for the Australian Purps, I have a wide variety of plans that I need help picking from:
    A. Sex the starts when possible, and pick 2 mothers to keep for an indoor setup later on, and taking the remaining female plants to transplant them in 2x2x2 holes filled with 70% foxfarm ocean forest, 10% steer manure, 10% chicken manure, 5% Green Sand and 5% Kelp Meal (about).
    B. Sexing the starts, taking all the females and putting them in a 12x10ft indoor room, with 2 1000w grow lights above, and taking clones from the females, then creating a Colosseum canopy on the length sides of the grow room out of the clones.
    C. Sex the starts, pick 2 mothers, then take the remaining females and putting them in medium grow pots, and pay little attention to them until harvest. With the 2 mothers taken, clone them and set up two vertical grow rooms with a Vertitube™ in the center of each, surrounded by dutch leach trays and rockwool slabs. Each room would have approximately 144 plants.

    If you have any better ideas than I've come up with, or have other suggestions on how to invest my money, I'm eager to hear them. Hopefully you can help me create a purpect grow!

    Thanks for reading!

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