What Member number are you?

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Did you like it when you could see what your member number was?

  1. Yes, I miss it dearly!

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  2. Sure, I thought it was cool.

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  3. Naa, it was dumb!

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  4. Don't care.

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  1. Well I just noticed something I DON'T like about the site I liked it when you had that member # beside the name when you posted I still remember...I'm member #52 :D heh.
  2. im #5 or 8. dont really remember.

  3. But you still have the date of registration visible. Also something to be proud of.
  4. I agree that the registration date is fine. Along with the sleekness of the new look ,and functionality....i'm just a happy camper. :)

  5. Well you made a promotion. You're number 51 now. If you hold your mouse in the forum over the name of the thread starter you will see somewhere in the url userid= ...
    I know it is a little bit hidden, but I hope it can serve your curiousity.
  6. Hey what are you worried about? I have jr. member on mine. I bet I will be here for a while till that changes.
    not to worry though. It could be worse thats for sure, and as for the been a member since thing I think that should be on the profile only. I know that I check all of your profiles out.
  7. The 'Junior member' only indicates the number of posts you have made, and you can change that display also if you want (I hope I didn't tell a secret now). The userid can indicate that you are one of the first members.
  8. High every one

    I'm here an very active..Thats what really matters to me..
  9. I am not a number,I am a free man--Iron maiden

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  10. I hope you're also happy with 45.
  11. I think it's a petty detail... and serves no real purpose for the users of the board... I'm sure the administrators of the board and website have actual use for it... But as far as the common users, the only purpose is to make some feel superior by having a lower number... I think everyone should feel and be seen as equals... Which is my personal opinion... If there is an actual purpose and usefulness of it, please let me know and my opinion may change...
  12. I agree Menace,
    but sometimes I get so god damn curious just to know!
    I can't explain it, perhaps it's just the ~mystery~ behind it..
    Not any power trip thang to me, but I can see how it could be.

  13. [​IMG]

    Ahhh yes... Curiosity... Understandable reason...

    fair enough.
  14. and it does, sound stupid when i'm sober!
    but man i get all supabaked like i am right now, and the dumbest things become interesting to me.
    like wondering if the homeless dude who goes thru the trash on sundays finds our empty baggies and knows there are stoners in this complex :D
    retarded i know!
    but hey keeps me entertained~

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