what medications are you prescribed to?

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  1. and how does your marijuana usage effect them? this could be a potentially interesting thread i feel. i take adderall, and weed just feels better. it also helps a lot with the coming down.
  2. i used to take accutaine in high school. i had to sign an 8 page book in order to take accutaine. however, i was one of the few patients that had no effects of it at all. it never dried me out, but still worked 100%. i really think MJ helped with that.
  3. I'm prescribed Lexapro for anxiety, which I have yet to take even one because I absolutely hate the idea of SSRI's, and I don't need the serotonin; I need something to make me relax and feel content with whatever it is I'm doing. I'm also prescribed Trazadone to help me sleep, but I've taken 2 tonight (supposed to take half a pill - 50mg - to start) and I still can't sleep. Fucking amphetamines... everytime. Other than tonight I've only taken the Trazadone twice but they worked like a charm those times.
  4. MJ goes well with my MJ
  5. im getting adderalll tomorrow for add and i have been self medicated with mj since i was about 8
  6. u smoke meth?
  7. I took Lexapro & Trazadone after returning from Iraq to help my anxiety and to fall asleep at night. Since i got out, I only smoke TrAiNwReCk for my anxiety and kush for my sleeping disorder.I feel 10x better through out the day(rare flashbacks). The relationship with my wife and kids has tightened back-up since I dropped the pills.:hello:
  8. Doubt its meth, probably adderall or something like that.

    And I don't take any meds.
  9. Since you were 8???

    That's fucked up
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    It often helps to be specific when communicating with fellow humans. That way you may garner accurate responses from more people. :)
    I am not prescribed to any medications, but I have some medications prescribed for my use.
    In any case, why does anyone else's meds concern anyone else?

  11. WoW!

    you sure did come in the room and fucked up the vibes.

    Me pesonally, I posted to share how MJ help me drop the pills and continue to communicate with people like you, who no matter what find a way to ruin the

    Plus if the "title" wasnt proper enough for you. Why did you even stop and post.
    Oh yeah, what medication do you have "prescribed for your use".LMAO
    probably esterogen hormones shots.lol
  12. Agreed. +rep

    And Im not legally prescribed shit, but I self medicate for various reasons.
  13. Immitrex for migraine headaches, I don't take it much though. The side effects are worse than the migraines sometimes.

  14. was gon' say the same thing man
    pure truth
  15. ritalin never taken it and smoked. but i think it would be cool.
  16. i use to take trazadone and that shit knocked me out now i take

    weed has no effect or whatever on any of my meds
  17. I smoke pcp and hunt for the devil

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