What means more to you? (A poll for the fellas)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Wykid, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. If you could only have one, which one would it be?

    your balls?


    your dick?

    only one....hmmmm...

    or suicide?

  2. Without your nuts you wouldn't have any sexual urges. That'd be great, if you ask me.
  3. I vote suicide. What the hell would happen when the girl you were falling in love with wanted to have sex, and you pulled down your pants, and you had no nuts? Can you imagine that working out well at all? I mean, she would probably be so speechless she would just leave without saying a word...
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  4. i'd just get a couple of the fake ones put in my sack.
  5. id keep the dick, definetly, what kind of question is that, lol
    if you had only balls
    you would get all of sexual urges, but no way to satisfy them, that would suck balls
  6. even with no nuts, u could still take testosterone, with no dick u cant fuck the girl(in the same way) taking testosterone makes ur nuts shrink but with no nuts then not much problem there
  7. suicide?

    man you could still get stoned without a dick..sheesh..

    I still voted that anyhow..blah
  8. If I smoked a couple bowls of black, took a dozen hits of crack, hit up the tweak pipe, railed a fat line of coke, popped 10 Xanax, and dropped a few hits of acid, it would still not be enough to make me feel any better about not having a cock.
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  9. lmao. rep+ lmao
  10. without any balls, isn't it possible that you could keep on boning her forever? or at least a long time
  11. you could always take viagra if you had no balls.... and you wouldn't have to worry about getting anyone pregnant... so if it came down to it, yeah...

    i could only imagine what it woud be like to have only a sack between your legs, haha...
  12. Maybe, and orgasms come from the prostate not the balls. You'd still have a sex life, if you could actually find someone into nutless men. And of course you could still get high! :smoke:

  13. truer words have never been spoken
  14. i would kill myself
  15. LOL.....

    lose the balls......you need a dick to piss....

    I know all about no sex....I was paralised for 9 years....I can have sex now, but I sure am glad I got to learn that sex is the most overrated thing in life...

    It made me a better person....an a hell of a lover...you dont need a dick to get all the women you can handle....the mind is the key....its pretty cool to give a woman an orgasum just by talkin to her.....then when you do touch her all she can do is cum an quivver....LOL...
  16. LMAO i am just sitting here thinking about it, like what she just gets up starts getting dressed walks out the door and you hear the car start and you're left sitting there with your dick in your hand and no balls, haha

    I love the part, . . ."can you imagine that working out well at all?" again LMAO

    Definitely suicide,....
  17. balls are just uncomfortable and roll all over the place. my manhood flops around a bit but stays under control for the most part. sweaty ball sack can get out of hand too. the dick is just a trooper.

    if i was gonna lose my dick why the hell would i want my balls? if i had nothing but balls id take suicide - that would be torture. if i had neither i might try to live. it could be nice. if your sex drive was gone and you really just had no use for women. think about all the things you could accomplish.

    of course you wouldnt be a man any more. that would suck.
  18. You can get synthetic rubber balls people, its not a big deal. I have a friend who recently had a testicle removed because he had testicular cancer, and they gave him a rubber one. Granted, his insurance didn't cover the rubber one because it is considered cosmetic, but i would save my damn money to get some balls back. I would get super big ones too, just to compensate for the fact that they're fake.
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  19. i would keep my dick, i love it...offten. i would get small cosmetic balls put in so that my dick would look bigger by comparison.:D
  20. What if you didn't have the money for a fake testicle so you were left with only one nut? Is anyone on here that has that situation? I bet it would feel all lopsided and shit and when you looked straight down you would be like wheres my nut? but then look from the side and see it.

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