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What may happen to growers in legal & not yet legal places when actual flower is no longer desired ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jaladhjin, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Dabs..



    All these things that don't have a hard to hide odor.. are far easier to transport & consume..

    I'm nervous even now to turn friends on to the newer age options since no one's going to want flower anymore why would they.. heck I don't..

    Takes up so much space.. the odor is so much more challenging to conceal.. open a container for 10 minutes & it lingers for hours..

    Are any of these modern day alternatives dependant upon flower for their creation ?

    If not or even if so.. what would it mean for the industry if flower gets to be in significantly less demand ?
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  2. Still love my flower, I like concentrates and edibles a lot too, but still not replacing a nice bong rip or joint for me that's for sure. Just look forward to when the flower at my local dispensary is somewhat reasonably priced
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  3. I've no plans to stop smoking flower during this lifetime.
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  4. Yep I'm the same way. I went on a only dab phase for a little while and burnt myself out. Also with concentrates most of the CBD gets extracted out unlike flower. Dabs and edibles in my opinion are nice on the weekends or end of the night.
  5. If it's going to be legal everywhere the smell shouldn't be a problem, the smell that I loooove by the way. Nothing will replace my sweet smelling, smooth burning, always tasty nugs..if I want concentrate, I stuff a little more bud in my bowl, joint blunt...etc....i mean no offense but my guess is you were probably born after 1995? Then again, maybe I'm just old.... I don't listen to much contemporary music either....
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  6. When Oregon first went recreational and the cartridges came out it was all rage. Convenient, easy to transport and like you said almost zero odor. Now not so much. Carts were going for $50 a gram when it first went legal. Now I can pick them up for 18-20. Plus I noticed that the high was super strong with concentrates but didn't last very long an sent tolerance thru the roof. Flower will always be desired because of variety and consistency. Growers have their own strains that are grown consistent enough that you know exactly what the high will be when you purchase it. Flower also has a more sociable aspect, always more fun to roll one up or pass around the pipe or bong with friends or check out some frosty nugs Vs passing around a vape pen or setting up the dab station.
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  7. Am I missing something? Won't flower always be prevalent as it's needed to create all them extracts?
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  8. Yes you would have nothing without bud.
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  9. Lol nice......dont need the chicken OR the egg....the better question would have been what happens to flower DEALERS, not growers...
  10. They’ll make extracts.
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  11. Well, my state's been legal for a few years, and medical for most of my life and there is no shortage of black market growers. I think a lot of them transition over to selling for the club or keep their home business going. The taxes are a major downside to buying legal. I don't forsee the black market going anywhere anytime soon IMO.
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  12. Concentrates have been available for a few years here.
    People have been screaming and fighting for bud.
    Bud is available at the dispensary now. Prices are outrageous.
    “Black market” is thriving.
    I’m sure I don’t understand the question wholly.
    Why would there not be a need for flower?
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  13. I'm with you. I was suggesting the op have asked the latter. There will ALWAYS be a black market for nearly everything.
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  14. In my experience, the only way all of those newer options would completely take over like that is if good ole' pure weed was illegal everywhere. I have done dab pens that I've liked in the past, but nothing compares to hitting a big ass bowl of good weed. My weed highs, even the weaker ones, had much higher quality than the THC oil. It's just such a pure feeling, it's why I'll never desire much other than weed, it's great. The only reason why oils are even used are usually for their portability and lack of smell. Teens use them to avoid getting caught and still get high, adults use them for the same thing, some people just cant handle straight weed.

    Also, I'd say nothing much would happen to growers. They'd still be growing the weed, just producing it differently, hell they'd probably just sell the weed like normally and not be tasked to making it into oils and edibles.
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    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
    All thats gonna happen is the target market for growers will change to accommodate the shift in demand. They will be selling more of their herb to processors rather than dispensaries. Those of us that could give two shits about smell will still flower it up! i like having it all.
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  16. Flower is still very much desired in legal state. Kind of a weird question
  17. The key mistake you assume is that everyone that smokes particularly new smokers, are going to be everyday cannabis you. Current statistics show only 14% here in the US or 35 million consume at least twice a month with twice that much ever having used cannabis, while just 3.5% are hard core regular daily pot users. Thus far more like this person are just occasional users as most of us do not want to be high all the time that is in any case inferior to a fresh high. There is far more to an interesting, enjoyable, content, satisfying life than just smoking pot.

    So unlike you daily users that have considerable tolerance issues, the rest of don't need to consume dabs or oils to get high. In fact I get a better fresh clean high after a 5 day t-break than anyone that has depleted neurotransmitter and CB1 sites with general body chemical imbalances regardless of how much they dab. And I'm betting edibles are never going to be be that popular with recreational cannabis users because of the long delay and dangers of getting too high in weird ways.

    On the 4th holiday at a big fireworks even, after a 5-day t-break smoking just 0.2 grams of Mickey Harts Mind Your Head potent flower, I got as high as I needed too and doing so was well aware of how high I felt from toke to toke that means a lot to many of us.
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  18. Hooch can be bought straight off the shelf at the nearest gas station, liquor store, tavern, hell even grocery stores sell it an isle over from the cocoa puffs and fruit snacks. Theres several legal version of moonshine on the shelves these days plus the usual mass produced whiskey, bourbons, gins, etc.

    Yet I still have connections to get that home brewed Mt. Dew and I tell you what the demand is and will always be there. Unfortunate side effect though of its recent popularity is the price keeps going up as demand goes up. It's almost becoming a pop culture thing after those fake ass TV shows brought it back in the picture.

    There will always be stump liquor on the down low though.

    Weed will be no different.

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