What Marijuana Seeds To Buy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Maxmurphy123, May 20, 2013.

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    Hi, erm i live in Southern Spain, and i know Spain is apparently a good place to grow, i have grown a couple times before but only autos that yielded about 20grams more or less and i was wondering, becuase its aroundthe right time, what non auto plant seeds shall i buy? I just want maximum yield, and if possible a half decent quality. I am not bothered about height restrictions or any of that, i would just like the maximum yielding plant possible in my weather conditions. Thanks in advanced!
  2. well-- what are you looking to accomplish?-- high thc content, high yield, one to withstand harsher climates/conditions-- maybe the effect of it like pain? im very sure i can help you find the right plant :metal:
  3. Thanks for the replies from everyone, im mainly looking for a very very high yield, and yes spain has a high humidity, about 60%... I have seen Moby Dick by Dinafem, they say that the yield is enormous, would the yield be enormous in my growing conditions ( my conditions are average 32 degrees celcius, 60% humidity, and about 9 or 10 hours DIRECT sunlight)

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